Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lisa Grey - 3-day workshop - The Art of Looking Sideways: Connecting Creativity and Play.


A Fine Balance (Detail)
Disperse dyed using painting, marbling and xerox transfer techniques.
Artist: Lisa Grey

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to let you know that I have invited renowned fibre artist Lisa Grey to come and teach us in April, 2013. Details of the course content are given below.
The workshop will encourage us to think differently, make marks using original materials, and especially challenge us to develop our designer capabilities.  I am very excited about the prospect of working with and learning from Lisa and I hope you will be too.

Lisa is very highly respected teacher and practising artist who produces sumptuous works that are now exhibited and sold internationally.  She is famous for her application of disperse dye to produce spectacular marbled surfaces.  Combinations of her printed and dyed fabrics with her photographic imagery provide a refreshing take on surface design.
Lisa is a member of the Surface Design Association and the representative for New Hampshire, USA.  
She has taught at numerous locations to excellent reviews.  Her skills in troubleshooting and creative problem solving add to the supportive environment she creates in the classroom. 
Her philosophies, galleries and methods can be viewed on her delicious website.

This from her biography "I have served on the boards of the Surface Design Association and North Country Studio Workshops and spent many years supporting local art teachers by volunteering to lead workshops in elementary and middle school.  I firmly believe that everyone is artistic. and delight in sharing tools and techniques to bring the joy of creation alive."

 Fragment 02
Photo of fragment of rusty bridge pigment inkjet printed on silk organza with freehand machine stitching.  Rusty nails, wire, bottle caps and marbled fabric. 10"x10"
 Artist: Lisa Grey

The Art of Looking Sideways: 
Connecting Creativity and Play

Lisa's 3-day workshop will be on Friday - Sunday 26th - 28th April, 2013 in Calgary

Chance of Rain
Marbled, gelatin overprinted and natural dyed fabric.  
Punch needle felting and freehand stitching. 10" x 28"
Artist: Lisa Grey

Where: A wonderful new teaching facility - the studio at Atlantis Fine Framing, Manhattan Road, SW Calgary under the dedicated stewardship of Ken Bourassa.  The location provides an excellent, bright, safe, teaching facility, easy access, parking and unloading.

When: Friday 26 April - Sunday 28, 2013 : 3 day workshop for adults.

Cost: $310 (to be paid in two instalments: the registration $150 and the balance $160).

Materials/supplies: A short supply list will be sent to you closer to the course date. This workshop will encourage sharing of materials, to help facilitate a close-knit group atmosphere.

Chance of Rain (detail)
Artist:Lisa Grey

“Creativity involves several different processes that wind through each other...generating new ideas, imagining different possibilities, considering alternative options.”
Excerpt from The Element by Ken Robinson

"This workshop will challenge participants to start with what is familiar, then venture into unexplored territory in discovering how to approach our work in new ways.  We will create tools from found objects in order to print and pattern recycled and reclaimed papers and fabrics, then make a series of small compositions generated from simple, playful design exercises. We will consider ways to further alter the surface by cutting, tearing, reassembling, layering and stitching.  Along the way we will evaluate our work both individually and collectively with the end goal of using supplies and knowledge we already have, combined and integrated with new ideas and techniques into concrete plans for further exploration.  Above all, we will endlessly question, yet trust our instincts as we imagine alternative possibilities."
Lisa Grey

Adored/Abandoned II 
Pigment inkjet print on collaged paper and fabric with freehand machine stitching on marbled background. 15" x 15"
Artist: Lisa Grey

Early registration is recommended, as space is limited to 15 per class.

*Your place on the workshop will be secured on receipt of a (normally) non-refundable deposit $150* 

Payment by PayPal is the preferred method.  This will secure your place with immediate effect.

Should you wish to pay by another method please email me first to make sure that there are still places available, and we can discuss an alternative payment method.

The deposit  is normally non-refundable, however, in the event that the class does not run (due to minimum number of participants not being attained),  your deposit will be returned to you in full.
Please note that in the event that you are unable to attend the workshop your deposit will be returned to you only if your place on the course can be filled.   It is your responsibility to find a replacement for your slot if the waiting list is empty, or you will forfeit your deposit.

Booking opportunities are equitable and will be filled on a first come first served basis on receipt of your deposit.  A waiting list will be drawn up should the first 15 places be full.  Please email me your interest and do get in touch with any questions via email ioftheneedle@me.com

This is going to be a great one, so don't delay your registration!!! 

Karin Millson of Kreative Momentum and also SDA Alberta Rep.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I just love that there is a Manhattan in Calgary, close to Manchester.

Do pop in, I have a few pieces in the show.
Thanks to Ken for supporting fibre artists.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now for the rest of November

Second week of November
Oh - made a mistake... this was when I did the paper piecing.

River Valley school kids did a Jackson Pollock.  Brilliant kids.  Terrible worry that it would all get out of hand but they (and I)  kept calm (just) and they produced a truly stunning piece of work that now adorns the entrance hall to the school.  Photo to come I guess.

Went back to Salt Spring Island to clear cupboards,  enjoy ourselves and plan for future visits.  It lived up to expectations.

Third week of November -
Two day workshop with Kreative Momentum. Working on shape and Omani embroidery.
Did I show you the hands? No?  Well here they are... so far.  This is just a sample of the technique of Italian quilting, a technique that is used on Omani Kumma embroidery and I have put my own flavour to... by using different hand stitches rather than the 9 million eyelets found on Omani Kumma.
Two pairs of hands - Karin Millson

The final River Valley School workshop for this term.
The students created a long piece of felt following inspiration provided by Janice Arnold for felting technique for large scale installation work, Jackson Pollock for art design technique and the book Zoe and George - Island Of Colour  by Veronique Arendt, 1987 for content.
Here the piece is shown with an end on view - rolled up - Artists Grade 6 & 7 Students River Valley School.
Photo of piece on location to follow, I hope... I was at the school today helping to hang it.

Forth week of November - 
Two x one-day workshops Kreative Momentum, based on Shape.
Enjoyed a lovely day with Lyn.  Talked art and design nearly the whole day as well as partook of her tasty lunch.  Thanks Lyn for showing me your samples and studies in gouache and for lending me the brilliant books.  I intend spending time revisiting colour exercises in gouache during December.
Visit to Canmore Crafts sale. Met up with friends not seen for quite a while.  Such a pleasure.
Also learnt that painting gouache onto a medium to dark board, rather than the normal white surface used for other paint mediums, produces a gouache surface with more life to it.
The idea of doing all my exercises twice to check out the difference, fills me with dread - but I will get hold of some dark mount-board and try a few and see what a difference it makes for myself....
Such wonderful plans.... then came a Calgary Cold!! Knocked me out for a week.

Ongoing discussions with the Lisas - and next posting ought to clarify things a bit, at least concerning one of them!

After a gap (let's do October and first week of November)

It is amazing to me that I haven't posted in over a month.
A lot has probably happened in your lives and mine has been moving along niceley.
As I take a look at my calendar I see what has happened and it feels so good.  Yes, life can be good.

 I believe these images will work very well with fabric and stitch... all in good time.

Second week in October -
One day workshop with Kreative Momentum participants
Began teaching felting at River Valley School, with 12 eager grade 5/6-ers... tremendous opportunity and great kids.

Third week in October -
2 day workshop with Kreative Momentum participants
Second week at River Valley School.
This is a trial created by my daughter's friend at home the week before the actual class. 
Nice to have little guinea pigs on hand.

Students made felt squares, on their own to their own design - 10gm for 6" square.  Skills-ville.

Forth week in October -
Great week spent kicking about with J.  And we had snow.
Snow Ripple

Trip to a few a sewing shops, meeting with the DaDe guys, also day working with Arlee.   and experimentation with the Cricut again... and screen printing.  No outcome though... miserable about that but it will come.

Fifth week in October, yes there was one.... Trip to Saltspring and attended workshop with Jason Pollen. Bit of a struggle with myself over my work there.  But outcome was satisfying and well-recieved.  Made a new friend on-island.  That place really is something special.
Piece by Nikky Menard - I enjoy the colour combination and the energy in this piece.

First week November -
Met up with art friend,
Contacted the Lisas regarding workshops in Calgary next year.
Attended a workshop with Paula and learnt that even I can make a pretty accurate representation of a design by using paper piecing... not my thing, but certainly I will tick it off in my list of "1000 sewing tricks one should do before one dyes" (intentional pun).
Jump for Joy - By Karin
Thanks to generous folks at Piece by Number for posting design online for personal use only.

If you would like to add to this list please email me....

1000 Sewing Tricks One Should Do Before One Dyes

  • Try your hand at paper piecing if you are accuracy inept (like me).
  • Colour a piece of fabric using Jackson Pollack's drip technique (at a large scale).
  • Travel to Calgary to do snow dyeing.
  • Learn what Tunisian Crochet is and make a pair of slippers.
  • Plan and execute a yarn bombing event with 4 other conspirators.
  • Wear a piece of extreme art to wear to go shopping in your local supermarket.
  • Sit on the train and sketch - using a twig and Cool Aid.
  • Visit St Betrand de Cominges and see stand in awe in front of some Opus Anglicum.
  • Recreate a bit of the Bayeux Tapestry (in underside couching, it isn't a tapestry remember!)  you wont be the first to do so.
  • Make a tie dye T-shirt and donate it to charity.
  • Take a pair of wooden cocktail sticks on a British Airways flight and knit a scarf for a peg doll, using ordinary sewing thread (those needles will probably not be confiscated or considered dangerous items).
  • Collect all the end snips from your sewing machine work for a year and stuff it into a silk organza pouch to make a cushion... give this to a like-minded friend.
  • In a similar vein, sew a strip of fabric onto a calico square every time you stand by the kettle waiting for it to boil- most of us have work in progress in every room of the house... why not beside the kettle?
  • Put random items from your stash into an envelope and send them to someone you do not know - address selected from "Contact" notes on websites, include a note to that says "Stash exchange - Enjoy using these items.  Reciprocation unnecessary.  The stitcher's version of leaving a book on a park bench for the next person to read.
In the words of Jean Gomeshi "To be continued...."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A follow on piece

In my worriment about finding a parking space near Art Central, I found myself in possession of a simple sketched map by Susan.
I worked into this later with pen and paint, lettering and  shapes that I noticed had been sprayed on the pavement (=Canadian sidewalk) around Art Central, as well as oil company jargon/phrases that I heard as I commuted with others in the morning light.  I feel rather self-satisfied with this ?quadryptic and it is nice for the memory.

De-briefing Worked Up

Thank you to all the artists and everyone who helped make this happen.  A nod to you, Jason, at this point.

We showed for 5 days.  And 87 people saw the show in total. Even though first Thursday was just before Thanksgiving we still  had almost 60 people visit that night.    So congratulations to everyone for bringing your work to so many.  Not bad for the little show that could.  

For those contributing artists who do not live locally and couldn't attend the show, here are the notes from the comments book and a few photos of our studious audience.  For privacy I have reduced the names of authors to initials or first names, if you need to know more please get in touch with me.

"This is a lovely exhibit (L.R.)
So inspiring. Would love to see more by these people.  Interested in info about SDA (Sharon)
Such a diverse collection so individual and inspiring!  Thank you! (L.B.)
Beautiful pieces... So inspiring (K.W.)
The variation from/point of inspiration is fascinating.  Love the medium and v. glad that traditional women's tools are part of it. (G.T.)
Really inspiring work - makes me want to rush home and start working - (W.K.)
Nature : Not Nature reflects it all. Well Done All, Groetjes ! (J & C)
Hey Judy, Great work as always! Also loved the Poppies and other artists (Jude)
Hi Judy, Love your pieces! Missed seeing you, looks like you are having loads of fun! (Caroline)
What a lovely show!  The space looks great and the works are beautiful - congrats!
Keep me posted on your next fibre adventures- (Sarah)
This is great.  I love the fibre showcase and the different use of canvas. (J.F.)
Sorry I didn't get my act together to take part Great Show (T.I.)
Really enjoyed the exhibit.  Thank you so much (C. J.)
Such inspiration Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work (Sharon)
Thank you for such unique works! Very imaginative (Diane)"

Images of all the works are shown clearly on my dear friend Arlee's blog. No point reinventing the wheel is there.

And finally, thanks to everyone who visited the show.
I was thrilled to be a part of it and meet such interesting and clearly interested people.
Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.

If you live in Alberta and are interested in having your work shown please get in touch with me and, in my capacity as representative of the Surface Design Association, I may be able to help.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1 at Worked Up

Very pleased to say we did have visitors today, even though it is very quiet at Art Central mid-week.  First Thursday should be a lot busier.
For those participants who can't get here (Calgary) to see the show themselves, I have put up some images showing general views of the gallery space (they are not supposed to show you the pieces for critique).   More images will follow as folks come in to take photos of the works.  I am hoping Arlee will post about the show on her blog, she takes great shots....
Going around the gallery in a clockwise sense... Looking towards the back wall you see almost one half of the gallery space ie.,  the left hand wall and one plinth.
 Left back wall, lighting is a bit severe on your upper piece Michelle, I will attempt to change that.
Right back wall
Looking towards back wall: Plinth and right hand wall (part of)
What's on the right wall (entire)
Into the L-shaped alcove... It is better lit than this image shows, Anne, don't worry.  Saaraliisa, those are your pieces on the right behind the plinth.  They have plenty of space and work well with Michelle's opposite.

We should all be tremendously thankful to Linda Hawke who hung the show and worked long and hard yesterday after I had abandoned her for my family duties.  I think it looks stunning.  It is amazing what time, energy and filler can do with a tired looking space.  Not to mention 4 spot lights!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

One more for the show tomorrow

Nature : Not nature
Karin Millson 2012
hand made papers, potassium premanganate dye, rust dye, found fabric, stitch, ink
on acid free board
Price $160

Friday, September 21, 2012

What of these, - "What does it matter" - pieces ?

Following a new philosophy, I am giving these small pieces the names Nova I and Nova II.
They are for sale with the price tag - "Donation to a charity of your choice."
 Nova I      karin millson, 2012
 Nova II      karin millson, 2012

Any comments? Be gentle.
If you want to see some wonderful photographs of night skies go to Astronomy Photographer of the year, here.  But be quick I am not sure how long the BBC will leave that page up.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have you been here?

Reader Rock Garden is a designated provincial historic site in downtown Calgary.  It  features the Reader Rock cafe, a study room and other facilities which are at the centre of a beautiful garden, dissected by meandering paths and streams.

In the house is a newly-opened gallery which houses a rapidly-growing and diversifying eclectic collection of visual art.  Stunning photographs, fibre and glass art,  mixed media and pottery... some quirky, even insider art, some traditional works are sometimes wall-hung, or framed by shabby chic, wooden doors and window frames.  Across the other side of the small gallery are shelves and tables with assorted 'antiques' ( I feel I have to put that in quote marks as I am English and used to truly ancient antiques) and relicts from past lives in Canada and elsewhere.

Artists represented here are all local and range from the aspiring to very well-established.
I am very pleased to have some of my work nestled alongside the strange: tree-climbing bears depicted on ??repurposed?? dried fungal growths or the stunning: digitally printed images by Harry Palmer for example.

This is a venue that is going to settle down into a very special niche and I am extremely fortunate to have been asked to show my work here. It is a gallery to go to especially when you are looking for something quirky or of a particular style; I can imagine this place becoming a mecca for interior designers or film/advertising agency photographers who are looking for props.  So let's see how my work does there.

I don't know how/why things happen the way they do, but it certainly gives a satisfying feeling when things fall into a comfortable place without being asked to do so... this is far more satisfying than pushing, pushing, pushing to make things work.

This gallery is not trying to be a high end fine arts store.  It already has its own personality:   One that registers well with its eco-environment: It sits well in my mind. 

More details about The Reader Rock Garden - read on or click here:-
"This historic garden is a tribute to one man's passion for plants and beauty.  William Roland Reader was the Superintendent for The City of Calgary Parks 1913-1942 who transformed a bare hillside into an internationally-acclaimed garden.
During the turn of the century it was common for horticulturalists to collect alpine plants on their travels and create gardens as living artifacts of their journeys.  Reader actively engaged in this practice and for 30 years the Garden trialled over 4000 different plant species, making it one of the few significant gardens in western Canada.  Reader used the Garden as a showplace to educate people about the gardening potential of the prairie/foothills region of Alberta, particularly Calgary.
Lovingly rehabilitated according to Reader's original plans, the garden blooms from mid-March to mid-November. "

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Please scroll down to see evite for Worked up

I discovered an interesting website when scrolling around looking for images of industrial felt to show the itsy bitsys at River Valley School on Friday.

Out in town today, visited the location for Worked Up, it is what folks call "an intimate space" and should look stunning with all the works I have been promised.

After checking that out I moseyed down to the Epcor Building as I often do when I am "in town".  sometimes I am unlucky and they are between shows.  But this time I hit the jackpot because CBBAG have two wonderfully full windows.

I particularly enjoyed Susan Kristoferson's paper and Wendy Passmore Godfrey's book.
Wendy Passmore-Godfrey - The bookwork grew up on a diet of pulp fiction.  2012
Sorry Susan, but my photos of your pieces were unfortunate!
Difficult setting for photography - that is.

Below are works by Diana Un-Jin Cho  

The work of Diana Un-Jin Cho is inspirational, and I will direct my students' attention to these most colourful works (that draw on Korean and Canadian influences) during our workshop next week.

I haven't been in there for while, clearly, as I hadn't seen the new murals... I love the puppet boy and the very long-legged ballerina...

On my return to Art Central, we were fortunate, Cheryl and I, to see these gentlemen creating a sand mandala - I haven't seen anything like it before and I found it most moving. If you can get to Art Central on Friday they will be moving all the sand together and giving pieces away to signify compassion.  I do hope some of you can make it.

I had seen it earlier in the morning but covered with a perspex box.. so this is the best image I have, sorry about the reflections... the detail is exquisite. Believe me.

Cheryl treated me to lunch and I had the pleasure of seeing her 4 art works that are ready for the show.
We had a great chin wag over lunch and there are exciting times ahead.... stay tuned.
We were eating in Cafe Rosso, the coffee shop at the bottom/in the Telus Convention centre... good Paninnis.  How does one spell that ...These up-cycled shingles were a stunning display on one wall.  I would love to give credit where credit is due, the artists is Karen Scarlet

What of my own work... This was all work today!
Hmmm, bit of felting preps for class and some abstraction.... That is like distraction but is good for one's creative well-being.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Worked Up

 - As I said I am not, but I am exhibiting along with 11 excellent artists who I do admire.

[Illustrated art by Linda Hawke,  evite design:Bobbie Olson ]

Congratulations to SDA members and other local and not so local surface designers, 12 in all, who have come together to exhibit work developed after being inspired by Jason Pollen.:-

Cheryl AtkinsonArlee Barr, Anne Fetterly, Linda Hawke, Susan Kristoferson, 
Judy Weiss, Barbara Worden and Saaraliisa Ylitalo

Do come along to the opening which has been timed to coincide with the  First Thursday event at Art Central downtown Calgary, where there will be much to see.  Register for the Art Central newsletter to hear about other events on that night.

The exhibition is open all week 2 - 6 October, on the lower level Art Central  (see details above).  If you can't make it for the opening, we would love to welcome you there anytime that week.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm in making this project happen.  Special mention goes to Art Central for donating the exhibition space and the many who have donated time and their professional skills necessary to hold an exhibition at all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I find I can concentrate for about an hour at a time on one job.  I seem to be better at concentrating  on 50 jobs in a 24 hour period.
So I took a break and filmed my latest design exercise p.j. Nod to Lyn there.

Went to take a photo and found the shadows were playing watery games with them.

I know this is boring to most viewers but it tickled me.  Especially as the wind sounds like water which fits rather nicely with the imagery.  Not bad for a hand held "Instamatic" =Nikon Coolpix.

Went to the library yesterday (I do sometimes you know), and found a great little book on Typography***.  One can learn so much about design from looking at typography too.... and I say 'too' because right now I am embracing the idea that, like love, it is all around.  - Do you like the non-mixing of metaphores there?  Keep your eyes open and you will see a tasty little design sweetie right where you are sitting (oh dear, I went and mixed my mets., when I was trying so hard not to).

***Type idea index by Jim Krause
and the great thing is that there are many more where this one came from. Thanks Jim.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I am not worrying too much about image quality as I just want to keep things moving.
I have a day at home today... no appointments or necessary shopping trips till singing lesson (not mine) this evening.
So a warm up exercise and then some preps for the workshop on Thursday.
This one was a fool around with acrylics and then do what I thought was necessary with some stitching into the paper to give the piece a structure.  I am quite into playing with lines... are these lines or shapes one might ask... when is a line a shape...
I remember one teacher asking what makes a line... if not a series of dots,  so there we have it -
Dot - Line - Shape.
And it is even more complicated... as my line/shapes are made up of a series of lines in themselves...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here is a piece of work by my daughter.
Thanks Lyn for getting us started on this project.
And thanks for the wonderful advice and wool from Legacy in Cochrane. Their blog is at this address.
Such wonderful help, how can I fail when I go into River Valley School to teach this semester?
It is one of those times when I don't know who is going to have more fun, the students or the teacher!
And check out their website... and see, I might even get some tasty morsels for my troubles... which wont be troubles at all.
Thanks to the generosity of the anonymous who is sponsoring these Friday events.  It couldn't be done without you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Worked Up

The plans for the exhibition of works by participants of Jason Pollen's workshops in Alberta in June are coming to fruition.
Worked Up will be on show for a week - more details to follow, don't you worry.

Location will be Art Central, over a First Thursday evening event... brilliant exposure.
9 participants and good response on the request for stewards, without whom this show could not go ahead... Thank you, you know who you are.
I will have to be there a lot too though.  Can't see a way round that.

I might have something to show myself if I carry on like this.
I am giving myself plenty of time to move bits around, let it lie on the table, returning to it after a couple of hours, or overnight.  I seem to need this time to disconnect from the parts.  This is it so far... fabrics are not connected as yet... but soon they will be.  Do critique if you feel like it.

And then there is this which is probably upside down... it amazes me how the energy of piece can rise or drop depending on the orientation, landscape or portrait. Or the upside and the downside of it!
So far this is a paper collage but I am printing it out on my own prepared surface and have an idea for a workshop where this will be the item that I work on.  Fun idea for collage from some magazine photos, rather than fabrics.

Friday, August 24, 2012

No big deal

An item a day keeps....me working.
There were many things I could have done with this painted canvas... and the most obvious would have been to go with delicate and muted - traditionally my own marks.  But I am glad to say, I think that this outcome was an expression of me spreading my wings a bit and using some other tactic, not the most obvious.  
I enjoyed the mimicking of the ink by the machined lines.
The image doesn't show the contrast in the blue and the burgundy linen, but I am not worried. I am doing these pieces to encourage a loosey goosey approach to see where it takes me.

Oh and I need to sort out how to use Raw images in the blog... for some reason they open as Tiff files and then I can't save them as jpg... without a huge loss of quality.  Thanks J.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Old post recently published

It hurts to find an old post in the draft section... I had written this but not posted as I was waiting for a reply from Jane D.  It came swiftly but I forgot to act on it.  So... Thanks Jane for permission to post your work...ie, the link to the tutorials below.

During the recent workshops Jason talked about good and bad ways to finish and display your work.
Today I found this tutorial, about preparing an aluminium bar for hanging work, on Jane Dunnewold's site.  There are other useful tutorials there check out her website
I was so lucky to find myself in Cactus (a new one on me, but you are probably very familiar with this art supplies store/art school in Calgary) when the man was cleaning the floor and thus deepening the colours. I enjoy the these colour chords?

One sees wonderful composition in the serendipitous - one just has to have ones eyes open
See the white stripe as a stripe and not glare from the overhead light and then you 'get' the composition, don't you.
In Digo Ink Splat

Felt creature and calls for participants...

Thanks to advice from my dear friend Lyn I created this mini-beast out of Merino wool (whilst my daughter produced a treasure with Nuno felting.  The monster has a ribbed body, large posterior.... anus!!!, and tentacles surrounding a wooly filtration system that is its mouth.

I am now well-equipped to teach the second semester of Art Days, at River Valley School... that is, if the first semester goes well... we are doing Volcano Freeze (actually a frieze) during the first session.

Visiting Artists:-
Heard from my preferred gallery with their costs, so now I can start to do the sums and see if we can realistically host a top notch artist this spring.  Now where did I put my abacus?

Call for works for Worked-Up:-
We have secured a venue at Arts Central, in downtown Calgary for  "Worked-Up" - where we will be showing studies and works developed via the workshops with Jason Pollen, please get in touch if you have decided that you want to participate, I need to know numbers and you need to know the details. It is going to be great with excellent exposure at that location and over a First Thursday evening event.