Tuesday, December 4, 2012

After a gap (let's do October and first week of November)

It is amazing to me that I haven't posted in over a month.
A lot has probably happened in your lives and mine has been moving along niceley.
As I take a look at my calendar I see what has happened and it feels so good.  Yes, life can be good.

 I believe these images will work very well with fabric and stitch... all in good time.

Second week in October -
One day workshop with Kreative Momentum participants
Began teaching felting at River Valley School, with 12 eager grade 5/6-ers... tremendous opportunity and great kids.

Third week in October -
2 day workshop with Kreative Momentum participants
Second week at River Valley School.
This is a trial created by my daughter's friend at home the week before the actual class. 
Nice to have little guinea pigs on hand.

Students made felt squares, on their own to their own design - 10gm for 6" square.  Skills-ville.

Forth week in October -
Great week spent kicking about with J.  And we had snow.
Snow Ripple

Trip to a few a sewing shops, meeting with the DaDe guys, also day working with Arlee.   and experimentation with the Cricut again... and screen printing.  No outcome though... miserable about that but it will come.

Fifth week in October, yes there was one.... Trip to Saltspring and attended workshop with Jason Pollen. Bit of a struggle with myself over my work there.  But outcome was satisfying and well-recieved.  Made a new friend on-island.  That place really is something special.
Piece by Nikky Menard - I enjoy the colour combination and the energy in this piece.

First week November -
Met up with art friend,
Contacted the Lisas regarding workshops in Calgary next year.
Attended a workshop with Paula and learnt that even I can make a pretty accurate representation of a design by using paper piecing... not my thing, but certainly I will tick it off in my list of "1000 sewing tricks one should do before one dyes" (intentional pun).
Jump for Joy - By Karin
Thanks to generous folks at Piece by Number for posting design online for personal use only.

If you would like to add to this list please email me....

1000 Sewing Tricks One Should Do Before One Dyes

  • Try your hand at paper piecing if you are accuracy inept (like me).
  • Colour a piece of fabric using Jackson Pollack's drip technique (at a large scale).
  • Travel to Calgary to do snow dyeing.
  • Learn what Tunisian Crochet is and make a pair of slippers.
  • Plan and execute a yarn bombing event with 4 other conspirators.
  • Wear a piece of extreme art to wear to go shopping in your local supermarket.
  • Sit on the train and sketch - using a twig and Cool Aid.
  • Visit St Betrand de Cominges and see stand in awe in front of some Opus Anglicum.
  • Recreate a bit of the Bayeux Tapestry (in underside couching, it isn't a tapestry remember!)  you wont be the first to do so.
  • Make a tie dye T-shirt and donate it to charity.
  • Take a pair of wooden cocktail sticks on a British Airways flight and knit a scarf for a peg doll, using ordinary sewing thread (those needles will probably not be confiscated or considered dangerous items).
  • Collect all the end snips from your sewing machine work for a year and stuff it into a silk organza pouch to make a cushion... give this to a like-minded friend.
  • In a similar vein, sew a strip of fabric onto a calico square every time you stand by the kettle waiting for it to boil- most of us have work in progress in every room of the house... why not beside the kettle?
  • Put random items from your stash into an envelope and send them to someone you do not know - address selected from "Contact" notes on websites, include a note to that says "Stash exchange - Enjoy using these items.  Reciprocation unnecessary.  The stitcher's version of leaving a book on a park bench for the next person to read.
In the words of Jean Gomeshi "To be continued...."

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arlee said...

a twig and Kool Aid?????NARF!!! either get thrown off or locked up :)

i do like the kettle idea though :)