Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I forgot the title!!!!!!!!!

Actually a new theme for my work is just up from the forest floor and I am busy collecting source material for this.
As you know from my previous blog, I don't mean physically collecting .... although my daughter has inherited my desire to 'have' nature for myself in a collection at home... no, I mean I have some photographs to work from.
This is one I particularly like, though it is very angular so it is a bit unusual for me to be so taken with it.

Forest Floor

A popular theme is the forest floor.  And this was a wonderful piece of art I saw there.  I really should have picked it up and worked into it at home.  But seeings as it was in the Banff National Park I kept to the legal framework and left it where it was creating its own microenvironment for mini beasts.  I wonder, however, if I might be able to reproduce it.

I think something has mutated on my blog... What is happening?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Slow cloth or normal embroidery?

Forced to be 'in' today (owing to carpet' cleaners' visit) I have had a spell of stitching... Interesting that the word 'spell' is used in conjunction with the act of stitching for I have always imagined myself as a bit of a witch.
I am adding a very electric orange glow to the very edge of this silk worm using tiny couching stitches.
The result is much as I had wished but this side is easy, it is the cut edge that will give me a headache. Only 15 more feet to go.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Second workshop Kreative Momentum

Yesterday we held the second Kreative Momentum workshop at the Conservatory!!!  Sounds so important doesn't it.  Arlee has created a lovely blog entry about it and I hand you over to her now.  I cannot do better than that.
Below are some of her photos, thanks Arlee.

We were very lucky with the sunshine too  (and why not,  Calgary does get 350 days of sunshine a year - don't quote me on that) ... for working out on the patio and drying the fabrics.  It still is winter here in Calgary though the trees don't think so.

Just to say that the participants each had their own take on the building blocks of dyeing that I gave them and it was a pleasure to see them create in their own way.

If anyone is interested in attending classes with me (Calgary Alberta) please contact me at:  ioftheneedle@me.com for more information.

Does this look kind of rude and kinky to you ?????????  Yes, go on click the question mark....  It is the image that popped up under Small World - Microscopic awards (see right) last time I checked out this blog....  Can you believe that that is the head of a bug?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vessel-making the felting way

Last weekend I joined a friend at a workshop here in Calgary to make vessels using a felting technique.
The workshop was held at the Waldorf School in Calgary hosted by Tracey Kuffner.
Up above you can see the initial stages of a participant's vessel and below and intriguing shot of a packed pair of tights - I had to buy "panty hose" for the first time in my life!

Here is my friend (I don't know if she wants me to put her name on the web.... one never knows what type of personalities are lurking...) who seems to be enjoying the bubbly stage.
Ah the magic of time-lapse photography... or is it one she prepared earlier?
I really don't want you to miss The Eyeball that our friend below created... and the wonderful output of the group of ladies... where are the male felters of the world?
It is a shame that it is considered bad etiquette to discuss in detail the How To of creativity. Anyway if you want to link with the tutor please click the link. and I am sure you will be able to chat with her directly.

For me this course was interesting as I have never lived in a place where I could attend weekend workshops to boost my skills.  I hope I get to go to more of them.

Students do inventive things....
I hope that tutors everywhere give credit when credit is due to those who demonstrate and share their creativity whilst attending a class.  It was a pleasure for me to be with such students at this class.
A class is a perfect setting for Give and Take... As a tutor I always aim to acknowledge what I have learnt from my students. Respect!

Here are some felted warty protrusions that I created along the flappy edges of a rather organic vesses....
It probably isn't a new technique to experienced felters,  but it is nice to think it might be!!

See blog later for my Shibori Felted Vessel (named the Hermit Crab by my daughter) which I hope will lead on to Shibori felted worms.....