Thursday, January 15, 2009

Remember Autumn's mushrooms?

I am working with shibori to create gatherings of mushrooms.  They are great when heated... and I don't mean strogonoff... Yes, I think this might blossom, burst... bud or whatever you call a flowering of mushrooms? It is certainly a surface that demands to be touched.

I continue to search for thin and soft fleece like I got from Britain.  Still not found any here in Calgary. 

Since Xmas

Not much been going on however....
Image printed on normal aluminium foil which had been pleated and then painted with non porous ground
Image from Sale shop window - printed on brown paper, with white digital ground. Image appears glassy just like the glass window because of the highlights left white on the printout
My fascination with "Starbucks" continues.... or was it "Tim Horton's"   Golden gel medium and non porous ground

Porous glossy ground on brown paper  which had been previously creased up.. image of trees with snow believe it or not
Non porous ground on Aluminium sheet (recycled)
Same - image colour manipulated in Photoshop
Enlarge image to see the skin - non porous ground with Golden Gel medium, created then peeled off non-stick, baking paper - printed to (irregular) edge.... I love this piece and hope to work on similar - with stitchery

Yes, I do feel it is time to do some stitching