Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You're invited of course

So, it is official. We have put on an End of Residency show.
For me it is an achievement.  That I managed to complete my month's residency and have something that I wished to show - as a stimulus to the 2010 intake at the Fibre Department (if nothing else, I can hope for that).

Why are the receptions for art shows around here scheduled for the end of the exhibitions?
Surely that is not good for business?
See you there???

Monday, August 23, 2010

Work up and exhibition open

It took a lot longer than expected to put up 3 pieces of art and a shelf!
The walls are "drywall" (thank goodness - wet walls in a gallery space would be a nightmare) and it took ages to find the right fixings.  JAM was brilliant (no, I don't mean I finally used sticky jam, I mean himself).
Finally the work was up and I will post more details when I have the official flier from Melinda. The official poster ought to be more imposing than the image below.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Itching to get going....

Just back from summer holidays and as if the plans I have for the near-future are not enough to get me fired up for August and September...
Then the latest blog entry at Nudibranchs central has just got to be a put up job... If this worm hasn't eaten a shibori scarf then I'm a jelly-fish.
(Great work Gary - I hope I am OK linking to your blog and copying the image here...., as usual I am indebted to you.)

Spent the day doing the washing (yeh yeh yeh) and going through the studio - attempting to reduce the stuff by at least a tenth.  I think it is a sign of moving on - a ritual I go through every time I move on to a new phase of work.
I have got together a few pieces to exhibit at The Marion Nicholl Gallery. installation day is the day after tomorrow.  More info. on this to follow.
So now I can build on these pieces and develop more barking art...
I did get the source material for "Documentation" the next exhibition with Contextural.  So I want to work on that through September.
Here is to a busy time ahead.