Tuesday, October 9, 2012

De-briefing Worked Up

Thank you to all the artists and everyone who helped make this happen.  A nod to you, Jason, at this point.

We showed for 5 days.  And 87 people saw the show in total. Even though first Thursday was just before Thanksgiving we still  had almost 60 people visit that night.    So congratulations to everyone for bringing your work to so many.  Not bad for the little show that could.  

For those contributing artists who do not live locally and couldn't attend the show, here are the notes from the comments book and a few photos of our studious audience.  For privacy I have reduced the names of authors to initials or first names, if you need to know more please get in touch with me.

"This is a lovely exhibit (L.R.)
So inspiring. Would love to see more by these people.  Interested in info about SDA (Sharon)
Such a diverse collection so individual and inspiring!  Thank you! (L.B.)
Beautiful pieces... So inspiring (K.W.)
The variation from/point of inspiration is fascinating.  Love the medium and v. glad that traditional women's tools are part of it. (G.T.)
Really inspiring work - makes me want to rush home and start working - (W.K.)
Nature : Not Nature reflects it all. Well Done All, Groetjes ! (J & C)
Hey Judy, Great work as always! Also loved the Poppies and other artists (Jude)
Hi Judy, Love your pieces! Missed seeing you, looks like you are having loads of fun! (Caroline)
What a lovely show!  The space looks great and the works are beautiful - congrats!
Keep me posted on your next fibre adventures- (Sarah)
This is great.  I love the fibre showcase and the different use of canvas. (J.F.)
Sorry I didn't get my act together to take part Great Show (T.I.)
Really enjoyed the exhibit.  Thank you so much (C. J.)
Such inspiration Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work (Sharon)
Thank you for such unique works! Very imaginative (Diane)"

Images of all the works are shown clearly on my dear friend Arlee's blog. No point reinventing the wheel is there.

And finally, thanks to everyone who visited the show.
I was thrilled to be a part of it and meet such interesting and clearly interested people.
Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.

If you live in Alberta and are interested in having your work shown please get in touch with me and, in my capacity as representative of the Surface Design Association, I may be able to help.

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