Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Start... Again

There has been a lot going on - A move from Houston.  Up to Saltspring Island, B.C., Canada.  Work on the theatre production with Wendy.  Work on an entry for SSNAP.
But today I post something that I am able to...
The Moth project.

These moths will be flying over to Albuquerque, later in the year.
They will join many 100s of moths to be part of a huge crowd sourced installation project.
I joined the Saltspring Island Painters' Guild and more specifically the Printers' Group.
And we are all making moths to join that project.
Also these moths will be shown at Mahon Hall on Saltspring Island, hanging them tomorrow with many many others.

The moths seem to have developed a life of their own = check out their Facebook page here.