Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am not sleeping

These little posies begged to be photographed.
My fingers and fingernails are black and split and my time is eaten up with running stitch - which is duller than running on the cross trainer, but does give me time to think or listen to the world news and The Archers on the BBC. To top it all off, I hate the feel of the synthetic wadding, but the look and variety of the little blooms is well worth the suffering! I do believe.
Moving swiftly on...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Calgary in September

After a quick visit to the Epcor windows where one artist was installing trees and pine cones in knitted sleeves, I went to the Art Gallery of Calgary on Stephen's Avenue. This gallery had turned me away twice as it closes everything except the gift shop when it is taking down or installing a new exhibition and my timing was bad twice.

This time, however, timing was good and I got in for $2 (lunchtime special) and saw some stunning images of Rodeo, black and white printed up BIG and even BIGGER by Donald Woodman, A thought provoking film (b&w) by Colin Kirkpatrick - The cowboy and the spaceman and a collection of 50 artworks from Calgary Civic Art Collection - Hmmmm.

Art talk - Judy Chicago
Of note for the future is the exhibition Sept 25th - Jan 23 2010 When women rule the world: Judy Chicago in Thread. Included in this period is an Artists talk at the Glenbow Museum on Tues Sept 29th, and several workshops on spinning, weaving and wet felting.... etc, see website.

Summer Highlights

I've been away from Calgary for about 2 months - but the time was well-spent with refreshing days spent in the Mountains, sketching and stitching time on hillsides and beaches, eco-art produced after Goldsworthy and trips to bump up cultural experience in Liverpool and Bristol (UK) and now returning here to begin a, hopefully, inspiring year in Calgary.

A wonderful setting on the docks and great place to see many very strong and noteworthy pieces. Dan particularly enjoyed some post modern stuff and we had our chance to see an unadulterated Damian Hurst dotty piece which we later saw much improved by Banksy.

Banksy at the Bristol art gallery
Great fun with mind opening and awakening ideas very cleverly presented. I wasn't offended overall, but some of his ideas do not match mine. I thought of the link between his work and comments and my neice's work in progress on greed in art. I wish she had been there.

Crosby - Another Place
The beach at Crosby, NW England is the location for the installation by Antony Gormley which includes 100 cast iron men looking out to sea, from their vantage points at various postions on the beach.