Thursday, July 19, 2018


In another parallel universe I am working on a theatre production.
Here is my latest - a mock up for a 2' x 5' vinyl banner for a scientific research group call Gemstar.
I learnt to use Photoshop with my son years ago  - and I'm still learning.

Probably this item needs to be supplied as an Illustrator file... so the learning curve continues.
Anyway here it is for perusal and comment only.

Vectors by Vecteezy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Such a Relief

It has been months since I could access the photos neither those on my darling Olympus OMII (- you know the one.. it look like it uses film. And should be on a film set circa 1950..... Oh dear, its sensor got zapped and when I was trying to photograph the Transporter Bridge in Squamish I got lines over the image....
nor those stored on Aperture we have been locked out of that software for weeks....

Oh happy day - today we found that the fabulous John has solved the issue after many reloads.  And an attempt to switch to Lightroom... which we will have to do.

I mention this here because without access to my images I wouldn't have been able to build this didactic for the show.  I hope it explains for all and sundry what I get up to in order to create my creatures.... (maybe  you will have to click on it to enlarge and maybe it will be legible then??)  I think this will make a good blog entry for Evolution of Moral Progress, so I had better put it up there too......

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Invitation to Meet Curious Creatures

I am so fortunate to have been invited to show alongside Salt Spring Gallery Member Ilse Leader.
The gallery (and artists' collective) does fabulous work for the community including fund-raising for those in need.
In my case I am an invited artist showing my shibori-based textile art along with Ilse's fabulous weave/felt/fabrics, clothing and three dimensional constructions.
My work will include some 30 nudibranchs or creatures based on marine slugs!!!!!!!  I just love them. Also a showing of Memory Hive.
Both Ilse and I feel very connected to the sea, both of us having lived most of our lives by the seas of the world and now we are connected by our fibre art too.

I hope you can make it to the gallery on Friday 13th  (yikes!) July, the show is on for 3 weeks.
And if you can' make the opening maybe consider coming over to the Artists' Island of Saltspring for the Fibre Fair.