Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Please scroll down to see evite for Worked up

I discovered an interesting website when scrolling around looking for images of industrial felt to show the itsy bitsys at River Valley School on Friday.

Out in town today, visited the location for Worked Up, it is what folks call "an intimate space" and should look stunning with all the works I have been promised.

After checking that out I moseyed down to the Epcor Building as I often do when I am "in town".  sometimes I am unlucky and they are between shows.  But this time I hit the jackpot because CBBAG have two wonderfully full windows.

I particularly enjoyed Susan Kristoferson's paper and Wendy Passmore Godfrey's book.
Wendy Passmore-Godfrey - The bookwork grew up on a diet of pulp fiction.  2012
Sorry Susan, but my photos of your pieces were unfortunate!
Difficult setting for photography - that is.

Below are works by Diana Un-Jin Cho  

The work of Diana Un-Jin Cho is inspirational, and I will direct my students' attention to these most colourful works (that draw on Korean and Canadian influences) during our workshop next week.

I haven't been in there for while, clearly, as I hadn't seen the new murals... I love the puppet boy and the very long-legged ballerina...

On my return to Art Central, we were fortunate, Cheryl and I, to see these gentlemen creating a sand mandala - I haven't seen anything like it before and I found it most moving. If you can get to Art Central on Friday they will be moving all the sand together and giving pieces away to signify compassion.  I do hope some of you can make it.

I had seen it earlier in the morning but covered with a perspex box.. so this is the best image I have, sorry about the reflections... the detail is exquisite. Believe me.

Cheryl treated me to lunch and I had the pleasure of seeing her 4 art works that are ready for the show.
We had a great chin wag over lunch and there are exciting times ahead.... stay tuned.
We were eating in Cafe Rosso, the coffee shop at the bottom/in the Telus Convention centre... good Paninnis.  How does one spell that ...These up-cycled shingles were a stunning display on one wall.  I would love to give credit where credit is due, the artists is Karen Scarlet

What of my own work... This was all work today!
Hmmm, bit of felting preps for class and some abstraction.... That is like distraction but is good for one's creative well-being.

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