Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Thank you to my dear friend.

What a wonderful gift:-
So excited to discover I had a letter to collect from the Post Office in Fulford.
It was no letter, it was a beautifully packaged selection of silk fabrics from Japan.
The burgundy one is more or less flat.  The orange and red one is still puckered from the tiny little shibori bundles tied prior to dyeing.  And the second parcel is of pieces of fabric, one printed and one ?dyed by a method I do not know.
Lots to learn about, lots to share.
I am teaching a high school class, at Gulf Island Secondary School, next week.
So I will take these fabulous reference materials in for them to share the joy!  and these fabrics will give me so much pleasure from here on in.

Thanks again to you darling people with big hearts.  I mention no names for fear of causing embarrassment, but do not underestimate the gratitude I feel. xx