Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A nice wine.

This piece began in Oman and was put in a box of goodies for  a while.  Thanks to Jan and her Wednesday sewing group it is now finished... I think.
It has nice edges (not shown) and I actually like the piece in a portrait position (not shown).
This isn't a postcard although a small piece it is about 8" square.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Icy river's edge

This item was made in 15 minutes using the embellisher machine.
I am impressed by how the machine allows creation of a textural surface to work into and how the back and front are very different. The back providing a more muted image.

The image reminds me of the edge of a partly frozen river, like the ones we visited at Elbow falls beaver interpretative trail.

Al's Miro

I have included this because Al demonstrates the ability of the young to just do and not consider too deeply consequences in art. So often I find myself turning things over and over and losing the spontaneity . In this piece she showed her natural skills in colour selection and composition

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shibori mushrooms

This is the sample for a piece based on the mushrooms, I am sure there is lots more potential in this felting/shibori idea. I must buy some fabric to work with, I just used a piece I had. It was all a bit closed in with this sample and the funghi need lots more space around them.

Love the ink cap colours that just appeared. And the felted streamers of thread suggesting spores flying off from the toadstools.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Inspiration -like minded

Try Cloth, Paper, Scissors for inspiration www.clothpaperscissors.com
In this issue 20 I found wonderful work of Kathyanne White. She has a blog and website that are definitely worth a look.

Some of her work uses similar techniques to mine (amazing when you think that we worked 1000s of miles apart in isolation from each other) - see the cyclindrical lamp in my blog archive... or here is another image to make it easy.

The tube is a light - usually vertical but shown here horizontal.
It incorporates a perspex tube, printed plastic sheets and layers of dyed plastic, metal and threads. Machine and hand stitching, including staples as insertion stitches.

I intend developing this style of work using more printing on plastics.