Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1 at Worked Up

Very pleased to say we did have visitors today, even though it is very quiet at Art Central mid-week.  First Thursday should be a lot busier.
For those participants who can't get here (Calgary) to see the show themselves, I have put up some images showing general views of the gallery space (they are not supposed to show you the pieces for critique).   More images will follow as folks come in to take photos of the works.  I am hoping Arlee will post about the show on her blog, she takes great shots....
Going around the gallery in a clockwise sense... Looking towards the back wall you see almost one half of the gallery space ie.,  the left hand wall and one plinth.
 Left back wall, lighting is a bit severe on your upper piece Michelle, I will attempt to change that.
Right back wall
Looking towards back wall: Plinth and right hand wall (part of)
What's on the right wall (entire)
Into the L-shaped alcove... It is better lit than this image shows, Anne, don't worry.  Saaraliisa, those are your pieces on the right behind the plinth.  They have plenty of space and work well with Michelle's opposite.

We should all be tremendously thankful to Linda Hawke who hung the show and worked long and hard yesterday after I had abandoned her for my family duties.  I think it looks stunning.  It is amazing what time, energy and filler can do with a tired looking space.  Not to mention 4 spot lights!

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