Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I find I can concentrate for about an hour at a time on one job.  I seem to be better at concentrating  on 50 jobs in a 24 hour period.
So I took a break and filmed my latest design exercise p.j. Nod to Lyn there.

Went to take a photo and found the shadows were playing watery games with them.

I know this is boring to most viewers but it tickled me.  Especially as the wind sounds like water which fits rather nicely with the imagery.  Not bad for a hand held "Instamatic" =Nikon Coolpix.

Went to the library yesterday (I do sometimes you know), and found a great little book on Typography***.  One can learn so much about design from looking at typography too.... and I say 'too' because right now I am embracing the idea that, like love, it is all around.  - Do you like the non-mixing of metaphores there?  Keep your eyes open and you will see a tasty little design sweetie right where you are sitting (oh dear, I went and mixed my mets., when I was trying so hard not to).

***Type idea index by Jim Krause
and the great thing is that there are many more where this one came from. Thanks Jim.

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