Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now for the rest of November

Second week of November
Oh - made a mistake... this was when I did the paper piecing.

River Valley school kids did a Jackson Pollock.  Brilliant kids.  Terrible worry that it would all get out of hand but they (and I)  kept calm (just) and they produced a truly stunning piece of work that now adorns the entrance hall to the school.  Photo to come I guess.

Went back to Salt Spring Island to clear cupboards,  enjoy ourselves and plan for future visits.  It lived up to expectations.

Third week of November -
Two day workshop with Kreative Momentum. Working on shape and Omani embroidery.
Did I show you the hands? No?  Well here they are... so far.  This is just a sample of the technique of Italian quilting, a technique that is used on Omani Kumma embroidery and I have put my own flavour to... by using different hand stitches rather than the 9 million eyelets found on Omani Kumma.
Two pairs of hands - Karin Millson

The final River Valley School workshop for this term.
The students created a long piece of felt following inspiration provided by Janice Arnold for felting technique for large scale installation work, Jackson Pollock for art design technique and the book Zoe and George - Island Of Colour  by Veronique Arendt, 1987 for content.
Here the piece is shown with an end on view - rolled up - Artists Grade 6 & 7 Students River Valley School.
Photo of piece on location to follow, I hope... I was at the school today helping to hang it.

Forth week of November - 
Two x one-day workshops Kreative Momentum, based on Shape.
Enjoyed a lovely day with Lyn.  Talked art and design nearly the whole day as well as partook of her tasty lunch.  Thanks Lyn for showing me your samples and studies in gouache and for lending me the brilliant books.  I intend spending time revisiting colour exercises in gouache during December.
Visit to Canmore Crafts sale. Met up with friends not seen for quite a while.  Such a pleasure.
Also learnt that painting gouache onto a medium to dark board, rather than the normal white surface used for other paint mediums, produces a gouache surface with more life to it.
The idea of doing all my exercises twice to check out the difference, fills me with dread - but I will get hold of some dark mount-board and try a few and see what a difference it makes for myself....
Such wonderful plans.... then came a Calgary Cold!! Knocked me out for a week.

Ongoing discussions with the Lisas - and next posting ought to clarify things a bit, at least concerning one of them!

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