Monday, August 27, 2012

Worked Up

The plans for the exhibition of works by participants of Jason Pollen's workshops in Alberta in June are coming to fruition.
Worked Up will be on show for a week - more details to follow, don't you worry.

Location will be Art Central, over a First Thursday evening event... brilliant exposure.
9 participants and good response on the request for stewards, without whom this show could not go ahead... Thank you, you know who you are.
I will have to be there a lot too though.  Can't see a way round that.

I might have something to show myself if I carry on like this.
I am giving myself plenty of time to move bits around, let it lie on the table, returning to it after a couple of hours, or overnight.  I seem to need this time to disconnect from the parts.  This is it so far... fabrics are not connected as yet... but soon they will be.  Do critique if you feel like it.

And then there is this which is probably upside down... it amazes me how the energy of piece can rise or drop depending on the orientation, landscape or portrait. Or the upside and the downside of it!
So far this is a paper collage but I am printing it out on my own prepared surface and have an idea for a workshop where this will be the item that I work on.  Fun idea for collage from some magazine photos, rather than fabrics.