Friday, October 28, 2011

Amazingly geological... time management

This is one of my manipulated photoshop images - very organic, very me.  From some ceramic work I did.   I think this has potential in stitch.  Probably my other clay pieces do too...
Add it to the To Do List.

Monday - Work on Web Site Development
Tuesday - Sculpted surfaces  (A World Beyond Shibori)
Wednesday - Networking with Calgary's Dynamic International Wednesday Stitch group!
Thursday - Kreative Momentum Workshop Prep.
Friday - His Diverse Materials (The Dark Side, or see the above)
Weekends - sacrosanct = family time

Where does all the other stuff fit in?
 - Tuition/Mentorship/Consultancy/Workshops
 - Marketing
 - Designing
 - Accounting
 - Development/Experimental work
 - Proposals
 - Blogging/(web) research/online shop maintenance

I might put this rambling blog entry up for half an hour and then delete it... Unless it proves of interest to readers.... via email or comment.  What does your working week look like?

Kreative Momentum - Flexing Felt Course

 Flexing Felt 1, the latest in Kreative Momentum's technique based workshops, was held this week.  The one day workshop introduced the method of using mass free motion stitching to sculpt felt.  The photo below shows the studio in a very favourable light I think!  Classes welcome 5 students at a time.
Amazingly the participants stopped talking and lost themselves in stitch. Not meaning to be rude, it just happens that way.
Felt was sculpted into cups and nodes. Flexing Felt 2 teaches how to create vessels using this method and the participants are encouraged to create their own style of vessel using other techniques such as piecing, embellishing and metal thread work.
If you are interested in this class or others please contact me directly:
ioftheneedle[at]me[dot]com to gain access to the Kreative Momentum web pages.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"IE6 Fade Away"

One has to do something to stay sane whilst reading all this I.T. stuff.

I'm on Chapter 10 (p400). Unfortunately my 30 day trial of Dreamweaver will expire tomorrow.
I have to consider buying it now or doing nothing more until I  can get on a course for Dreamweaver CSS5 through which I will, no doubt, learn very fast AND be able to purchase the software much cheaper via a student discount.  Meanwhile, though, I am sure to forget everything I have gleaned over the past 4 weeks.  What to do?

a) Dream about violet squirrels popping up all over Calgary - Must have something to do with our popular Mayor Naheed Nenshi who, one year ago, chose purple as his campaign colour and won.
b) 3 hours + of stitching with fishing line tomorrow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Work in the Window

12 members of Contextural (a community of textile artists fostering a cooperative creative environment in support of the production of new artistic works) a group in which I actively participate, are exhibiting at the Epcor Centre Calgary, Canada... There is an amazingly eclectic mix of miniature pieces all no more than 3" in any direction, I believe there is something to appeal to everyone in the two window spaces.  As well as that, other very talented artists are exhibiting in adjacent windows (see the link below).  I hope you can make it to take a look either on the reception night... or at some time before the end of the show (Dec 30th).

A catalogue for the show is available at:-

Thanks for your continued interest in my work - For those of you who live close enough... I hope to see you at the opening.

Go to:-
and scroll down to see the other artists' work and a couple more of my 'Strange Creatures"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Museum of Anthropology does the kid's head in!

Yes, it is true the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology has several Apple computers with (big) touch screens... how is this possible?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

John, Adam, Alice, Aden and Laura
The work of Sally Michener at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver
 There is much stunning modern art alongside Canada's cultural heritage. This image is off-centre because I wanted to catch the inlaid woven fibre at right. 

 These guys I do not know but the colourful juxtaposition of their pink Ts against the photographic imagery of Salt Spring's Stephen Friedman was a stunner and quite put me off my pesto-pasta

For clearer images than those shown below click on 'News' above and scroll
Contextural's collective show is up at Epcor along with 100s of mice! If you can get there please do.
Check out the details - click on 'NEWS" above
And congratulations to all the exhibitors.  The windows look fantastic.
A Blurb book will be available shortly.... pop back to find it, Follow me, or contact me directly.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Central

This looks like a good reason to get myself down to Arts Central, Calgary.   Work by Megan Dyke and Nathan Mizera.  I wont see it this week as I am in town only in the morning... but maybe stitching gals will want to visit next week.  

Nothing much doing on the stitching front but pleased to report I am nearly a third into my self-imposed, self-regulated, self-directed "How to create your own website" course.

I could do with a break from all this CSS stuff (and it is only Tuesday).  Thanksgiving is coming up - there is a show to see on Salt Spring Island (where we are spending the holiday) - with a piece by Diana Thompson, check out the story of Lens.... for a good discussion starter.

Reminds me of my blue ceramic balls sprinkled across terracotta shards in a garden in England (sorry no photo available).