Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kreative Momentum - Yes it's my gallery.

Which is the most important gallery representing me?  Is it Fine Art America or my home grown Kreative Momentum.  I guess it is KM.  This is the gallery that will be given credit in my "tag line" at the Parallel Show.  
If you have come here after linking via that Tagline, welcome.  If you wish to email me go here.

Today I am packing "Memory Hive" for transport to The Parallel Show."
It is going to be nerve wracking.
That sort of artwork is usually assembled on location.
(mage coming soon).

Below is a recent tryptic, I challenged myself to create in fibre what I had created in acrylic paint, and various types of paper. Go in close and examine it.  Did I succeed? Let me know via a comment below.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

May - September 2017

It is hard to believe I have been working since May and not blogged.
Well, not really unbelievable when I think it through.  After all, I wasn't really able to post about the work I was doing.
I created my work for entry to the Saltspring Island National Art Prize... which I wasn't selected for, though the piece is going to be shown in the parallel show which opens in a bit over a week.  It is a large sculpture and took many months to create.

I have been working on varied aspects of the Evolution of Moral Progress and many small art pieces getting ready for filling a big art space in 2018.

Above are some experimental marks created for a cope for a Priestess in EMP.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Start... Again

There has been a lot going on - A move from Houston.  Up to Saltspring Island, B.C., Canada.  Work on the theatre production with Wendy.  Work on an entry for SSNAP.
But today I post something that I am able to...
The Moth project.

These moths will be flying over to Albuquerque, later in the year.
They will join many 100s of moths to be part of a huge crowd sourced installation project.
I joined the Saltspring Island Painters' Guild and more specifically the Printers' Group.
And we are all making moths to join that project.
Also these moths will be shown at Mahon Hall on Saltspring Island, hanging them tomorrow with many many others.

The moths seem to have developed a life of their own = check out their Facebook page here.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Last weekend - more coffee and art

It is a good thing that John likes coffee and he now isn't sure if I suggested Inversion cafe because of the location or the Art League Gallery adjoining it.
Table top mosaic

There we found the coffee shop renovated since October's visit.  It is lovely now and the coffee is good.
We sat outside where there was a lovely piece of fibre art:-
I thought Pily might like this No Hay Pedo - another Mafi Mushkila type phrase meaning - "there's no problem"...
A Forged Utopia
Giovanni Valderas
Detail below

And then we went to the main gallery where I learnt the little known fact that 400-1000 women disguised themselves as men and fought for both sides of the American Civil War.  Some were discovered and sent home and others stayed on the battlefield and worked as nurses.  Others fought as men with distinction and only came out as women when safely living again at home.  Many more were killed on the battlefield.
And She Was
Margaret Meehan

I enjoyed my time working on a still life series

karin millson March 2016

Exhibition Entry and more

When I came to Texas I didn't know what my working days would be like.
Turns out activity has been cyclical with periods of mixed media
Just exercise! 
Karin Millson

and other  periods (= hours and hours)  of very computer focussed slogging.
There have been times of gallery visiting though.
Last weekend we spent a lovely Saturday in and around the downtown area of Galveston. It was a delight, and very inspiring.

I wasn't expecting to see up-liftingly colourful works of Rene Wiley  in her gallery and the stunning fibre art  that she calls Textile Mosaics, by Brenda J Bunten-Schloesser who includes weavings and collage in her art.
Reaching (Old Red) 40 x 20 "
 by Brenda J Bunten-Schlosser
Photo Credit to renewiley Gallery 2128 Postoffice, Galveston
Who represent this artist.

Later we gallery hopped and got all inspired to take photographs after a long chat with  Peter A Bowman (Photographer).  I am still enjoying learning about my new camera E-M5II with its sweet little lens that can fit in my handbag, but it does have inter-changeables (though I just have the one)... aren't I proud.

I can't help it -  I love texture and look at those colours.
Wall Sauce
Karin Millson 2016
I am ready to post a package off to Wendy again... it will be pricey with what it has to contain, let's just say beads, cape, music box.  Life is certainly diverse and full of challenge right now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Latest drawing ?exercise...

Why think of these things as exercises. Are they not just as much a piece of valid art as any other thing done today?

January and February... Lots going on, included Texan Viruses.

It has been an interesting and busy time. Here are a couple of highlights.
Trip to Calgary to work with Wendy.
Can't show you much but.... here is a photomontage of some of the stuff I have been up to...

Then there was an afternoon spent in the company of High School Students at West Island College where they showed me new and exciting things to do with Shibori...
I was particularly interested that one young man was fascinated enough to spend the entire time working his photographic skills on samples... I was so impressed.  The students were fighting their desire to be off on the long family day weekend... so all credit to them for sticking at it.

It was Valentine's day whilst I was away but this thorny clawing image provided a tongue in cheek reference to the lover's day - Photo taken in Glenbow Museum lobby.... it is a very large bear sporting all those roses. (no animals were endangered in the making of this display).

Then I went to the exhibition of Hardy's Kaleidoscopic Animalia, work following on from his residency at the museum... I loved it.  There was so much to see in such a modern way of displaying works from the Museum's vast collection.  And being a fashion designer there was plenty of fibre to be seen.... Love those hair prongs  - Knitting needles.

The puppets in Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was such fun - I took the shot for Wendy.  For a laugh.

Then off to Vancouver for the holiday.

Once back in Houston I had a day in Katy and discovered the kcam or Katy Contemporary Arts Museum.  Great venue, lovely works on show.   with Gestural by Chuck Hipsher Some textile related... oil on canvas and velvet with bleach back... hmmm.... Also an interesting piece with some puckered gathering like you get on a cushion that turned out to be little anuses!  Don't ask.

As I said on my Facebook page... I don't rate the gallery for their decision to only allow long shots of the gallery spaces and none of individual works.  This I think very short-sighted of them.  anyway loved the colours in some of the works by Hipsher.  And I certainly enjoyed myself looking around.
They have a small gallery shop where Katy's artists can be represented.  Do drop by if you are in the area.

Thanks to my dear friend L Hawke who drew my attention to the sewers of the road.  This another Whoosie . I think I might use it as my new profile picture....
And this is my stitching to be included in the stitch activism I have decided to be a part of:- THIS
I doubt it will do much good... in this State.