Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bags of delight

The fabrics for this bag came together by picking fabrics that would work challengingly alongside each other. The small evening bag is both crazy and simple at the same time.  It is very individual, but only individual enough to excite those who want to be different but not too different.
Email me if you are interested in purchasing or ordering.
And the name of this bag ought to be Challenge, but also Bags of Delight as that is how I felt when I discovered that I had mastered the creation of a central pocket with zip.
No fussy, flamboyant button, just a clean line magnetic snap.

The simplicity of the neat wristband in no way foreshadows what lies inside:
Zipperedly-safe back-pocket,  two voluminous open pockets, one central flat pocket and numerous slot concertina pockets for cheque cards or paper money.
What an amazing bag... I was thrilled that this bag came together so well, not a millimetre of fabric to get tucked in or hidden.
This is  a gem that I am sure I will work with in the future to make it even more my own - not a bad result for my mid-term bag.
And now I am off for my swim.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Latest - A bag for November or is it for Xmas

Quiet but not idle.  
Wendy and I have dedicated too many hours (or was it???, time will tell) to a grant proposal.  Writing a PhD thesis has nothing on that!

Here is my latest bag.. still not quite finished...  needs the nuclei adding to the cells. Don't worry your head about it, all will become clear later.
No time to edit the photo so it looks a bit strange with the diagonal woodgrain.  Hope it isn't too off-putting.  Try clicking the image to enlarge.

Original Bag by KJ from a series called Evolution.
 It has two pocket dividers, one is zippered.

I now feel like I am getting somewhere with this bag-making idea.
To express your interest in this (dare I say?) designer item please comment below.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Yes it has been a TOUCH challenging (bag news, see below)

 Mua Mua dolls: Giving crocheters  of amigurumi everywhere a boost to their self esteem.. these guys can sell for upwards of $100.... Check out amigurumi on the web to see a surge in interest.
and if I could speak Italian I could give you more background to the history of Mua Mua...  suffice it to use the words celebrity, status, fashion, humorous design,$$$  and success in the same sentence....
Coordinating shop front cladding of a store near to the shop window illustrated above... do we see a trend... be on your guard, our choices in colour combinations that we think  are our own ideas... can often be subliminally controlled by 'The Industry.'

As for the latest bag... it (>60 pieces) is all in one piece and I am just pacing myself with hand-stiching the bar tacks to hold the side pleats and interior panels in place.  Sewing through so many layers is not kind to one's finger ends.  But it will be done. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

This doodle was made for that bag

Copic markers on cloth + graphite pencil.
Yes yes, I'm thinking virus - Oct 2014... +  having just finished The Plague.
I'm spraying with workable fixative (which does lighten the Copics a little, sadly.... and I'm considering Scotchguard... but that stuff... Hmmm, not done my research yet, so I will just add a link.  Enough said?

Monday, October 20, 2014

This bag - was made for doodles

This bag had better be worth it.... 63 pieces cut out and ready to go this morning!
Ignore the waste... I just love working with a wooden floor.  Thank you Sally.
Yes it is all in white... fabrics from my store.  Keeping the cost of this training session to a minimum.
So old sheeting well slept on! and offcuts from the linen sail-cloth type of blinds, IKEA fabric, hung in Annacrest.  Nice stuff actually.
Now the question - do I make this bag up as is, or attack the exterior fabrics with doodling media before stitching....hmmmm.....
I think I should take this to another level. What do you say?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ridiculously happy bag

I am very pleased to have made this one...
It wasn't easy to get those curves to match... amazing that they did!
The fabrics were nice in themselves, but I would like to stitch on that purple mandala... to blend it with the outer fabric.... soon soon.....
Next up a soft handbag.... and the one I really do want to make... 

Recent holiday for Canadian Thanksgiving was fun... but we had to WOW... wait on weather for almost a day!  Good times for sketching you would think ... but unfortunately my mental state got more and more agitated as I foresaw a run for the ferry.  Hence the busy result below.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Kitchen Art

Now some folks like the reverse side of their machine or hand embroidery more than the right side. It is sometimes good to give in to the unpredicted.  I just love the reverse side of work created using Copic markers (which I have been known to refer to as Coptic markers!).
 In this image I moved the pieces about to created a canvas that looks as if it might have been created as one unit.
These have been placed randomly - much more satisfying to me.

These pieces might be called Zentangles, but I am a zentagle denier... and by that I mean that doodling has been around since someone dipped their finger in the sand and twiddled it about.  Noone needed to give it a holistic name before and I don't think it needs one now.  However, I did see a nice little book in Michaels today that was all about doodling development ... I mean zentangling.  But seriously do we need a book to teach us this.... I find that picking up a phone in one hand and a pencil in the other does the trick if doodler's block should threaten.