Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kreative Momentum - Yes it's my gallery.

Which is the most important gallery representing me?  Is it Fine Art America or my home grown Kreative Momentum.  I guess it is KM.  This is the gallery that will be given credit in my "tag line" at the Parallel Show.  
If you have come here after linking via that Tagline, welcome.  If you wish to email me go here.

Today I am packing "Memory Hive" for transport to The Parallel Show."
It is going to be nerve wracking.
That sort of artwork is usually assembled on location.
(mage coming soon).

Below is a recent tryptic, I challenged myself to create in fibre what I had created in acrylic paint, and various types of paper. Go in close and examine it.  Did I succeed? Let me know via a comment below.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

May - September 2017

It is hard to believe I have been working since May and not blogged.
Well, not really unbelievable when I think it through.  After all, I wasn't really able to post about the work I was doing.
I created my work for entry to the Saltspring Island National Art Prize... which I wasn't selected for, though the piece is going to be shown in the parallel show which opens in a bit over a week.  It is a large sculpture and took many months to create.

I have been working on varied aspects of the Evolution of Moral Progress and many small art pieces getting ready for filling a big art space in 2018.

Above are some experimental marks created for a cope for a Priestess in EMP.