Friday, August 24, 2012

No big deal

An item a day working.
There were many things I could have done with this painted canvas... and the most obvious would have been to go with delicate and muted - traditionally my own marks.  But I am glad to say, I think that this outcome was an expression of me spreading my wings a bit and using some other tactic, not the most obvious.  
I enjoyed the mimicking of the ink by the machined lines.
The image doesn't show the contrast in the blue and the burgundy linen, but I am not worried. I am doing these pieces to encourage a loosey goosey approach to see where it takes me.

Oh and I need to sort out how to use Raw images in the blog... for some reason they open as Tiff files and then I can't save them as jpg... without a huge loss of quality.  Thanks J.

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