Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The WIP - Work in Progress blog link (at right)  has helped me to stay focussed... and provided gratification as I aim to post something I am doing each week.
Above is  a sample - ??Quilt?? so I am a quilter now?  Yes, it has 3 layers and is quilted and padded... a type of trapunto quilting I suppose (but without the slit, I never liked the end result of that).
It is a piece I will use in the workshop Flexing Felt that takes place here on Friday.  I loved making this piece... just to do some hand stitching... now I just have to finish off the seeding and then with some more lines but of hand stitching.

It is a piece for winter.  But I think it has potential as the edging for a winter scarf. I just need to source the right type of (micro) fleece.

The Research and Development Event, mentioned last week, will take place on 9th December and all places are full, with a waiting list and list for a future session too.... I hope to post some images of the outcome.  If you are interested in Textile Techniques, workshops or master-classes please email me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WIP this is for you

Little fishy things.
Anyone know a supplier of fibre optics in the Calgary area?
And I could do with a tame electrician!

Far from eliminating things from my work load I appear to be stacking more on the pile.
Why oh why was it so hard?  I have spent hours drawing up my first emailable newletter for the Alberta Branch of Surface Design Association... I am now the representative for Alberta. If you want to contact me to talk about SDA please do.  You know where I am..... ioftheneedle[at]me.com

I don't think I will make it to finish my Dreamweaver self-directed study because 1) My use of the trail version has expired. 2) Someone else wanted the Missing Manual from the library!

Met a like-minded soul this week.  We chatted and didn't notice the time, I probably got a parking ticket!!!
Check out Angela Dale's work on Flickr.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Aside

The Calgary Public Library has a series of books circulating right now that encourage public involvement and creativity.
These are books for people to create by being creative via literature or art. But not the two together!
So I put a 'hold' in for the arty one with the title "Diversity" sounded right up my street.
I had thought I would get a book that was already half full of artworks, cartoons and sketches.  In fact I got a book that had this skillful and beautiful rendition of the Ash in Calgary, and nothing more.  In other words I was expected to be the second 'artist' to add something.  The pressure was enormous.
I held onto the book for a week or so and considered simply returning it to the library... after all, I don't do art like that and it had made me feel rather insecure I suppose.
But then I thought... it is only people like me participating that will make this thing a diverse work in itself.  So I have added my bit... consider it a doodle or playful work... both of which are acceptable additions to the "Travelling Art Book" it says this (I paraphrase) in the directives on the first page.
My piece illustrates the diversity of coral reef to deep sea... and I had fun. And if it encourages people to simply relax and have fun and put something on the pages... all well and good.
 To get hold of one of these books yourself go to Calgary public library.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fibre Fun

From time to time there has been healthy debate about what is fibre art and what is not.
I think this is fibre art.  
Calgary Farmers' Market prior to Halloween.
 The work Eveline Kolijn - Plastic culture.  This is a person I would like to meet.
in the window space near the C-train downtown Calgary.
For more window art go here.
I hope to see my life:art coach this weekend.  
See if we can thrash out time-management issues.