Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just a bit-a-fun

It is such a good idea to play with techniques at the postcard-sized level.
This was for a workshop at the studio this week - continuing with cable and machine-made cords.

The Show and Sale

The Contextural show and sale on Saturday went really well.  Not only was it positively buzzing it also brought in lots of funds and everyone enjoyed the chilli and punch/wine/coffee +/- Bailey's.... do I need an apostrophe there?
We had wall pieces, screen prints, cards and labels, books, natural dye, devore, necklaces, felt, shibori, bags, belts, scarves, hats, and oh so much more... Congratulations to everyone who took part.  And thanks to those who supported us all.

I need to say a special thanks to those who looked after my table at the break up of the show... much appreciated.

 The nerve centres - Sales counter!
And kitchen - yum!

 And here are some of the items I put up for sale:-

And some more pieces from the show....

What more can I say...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Latest walnut

These are my latest beads.  I strung one necklace and hope for a bit of feedback on it today if I manage to meet up with Siri.  These are ready for playing about with to see how best to string.
I am going to try to get one on a wire choker now.... I think that will be a lovely way to show them off.
What do you think of beading along one edge too... but it mustn't get too itchy scratchy on the wearer so maybe not.
On a business note... each beads take 45 mins each to manufacture... So a necklace at 5 hours work is already an expensive item... not to mention the findings... which, if I want sterling silver or good quality at least, cost a pretty penny.  What is the Canadian equivalent of "pretty penny"? .... sweet cent, perhaps??

Monday, November 1, 2010

Taking Part - Putting together a walnut/peach stone.

How exciting, Contextural is having a show and sale for Xmas.... in mid. Nov.   Oh dear... I must get a move on if I want to show anything.  So whilst watching the last Flames match (which they shamefully lost 7-0) I sketched out a few ideas.  Today I made some 'platelets' that I thought would be layered up to become brooches.
By school pick up time I was getting a bit despondent as the assembling phase was not going well.  But after the break of a drive to and from school and then kitchen-time... which included mashed celeriac&potatoes.... I did what I do best - played - and found I had fashioned what I thought at first was a peach stone, but soon realised it is a walnut for Xmas of course...
I had decided to work in Orange... to facilitate a discussion of the samples with a group of unsuspecting folks on Wed.  Since 2 of them are Dutch I though the orange-ness might appeal to them subliminally!

Here is a walnut.
Perhaps it just looks like a tangled piece of cord... but that isn't what it is at all.... I think when there are more it will be more obvious how it is made and it will show the various ripple shapes... adjacent to each other.... ( to be shown in my next blog entry I hope).

I am going to make 5 of them, minimum, per necklace...and string them onto a  wire... maybe using those pinched beads to hold them in place... and the clasp????  Maybe take a trip to Michaels for jewellery inspiration tomorrow.
First sample will have beads of all one size but as I become more confident working the designs I intend to throw in some variations in size and, of course, colour.  And I want to go back to my inspiration... the worms for colour combination ideas.
Ooh this is going to be fun... as long as I crack the findings....