Thursday, April 16, 2015

AFA - Supporting the Arts in Your Community

Wendy Passmore Godfrey and I have been awarded an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant through the AFA's Organizations Arts Project Grant Scheme. Wendy (Director of WPTS  ) and I will collaborate to develop an arts theatre production incorporating issues on scientific, moral and artistic themes. We will be  pushing the definitions of our art genre in this exciting creative partnership.

Photo credit: Christina Alonso

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nature's a wonderful thing

When you see this sitting in the sun on top of a hot tub, at the very least you know the insulation is working and everything is alright in the world.
Photo kmillson - all rights reserved!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Indigo and rust dyeing - Eat your heart out

Current favourite from the Easter hols in British Columbia...
Photo: Karin Millson

Images from Vancouver... The Olympic Oval

I took a walk on my recent journey to the island.  And got to see these two Janet Echelman sculptures.  I had flown over them on a previous trip.  They do look good from the air, sorry I can't show you but you know, with all that I had to from my position up front....

If you want to see them they are outside the Vancouver Olympic Oval.  Love the setting of one, the other seems squashed in… in that space it seemed a little forlorn, and not sailing through the air like the hand-thrown fishing nets that originally inspired Janet’s constructions. See her Ted talk

Friday, April 10, 2015


Workshop - School Spring Break- Salt Spring Island - Home
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Arlee Barr and I taught our workshop at the Glenmore Canoe Club Clubhouse.  Lovely venue, though we were unfortunate with the lighting - dullest day in months and that was just Calgary not playing fair.

I enjoyed the teaching I did and got lovely feedback as participants challenged their machines to stitch in ways that many if not most of them had not done before.  I am hoping this has opened up new vistas for many in their mechanized stitchery.  We discussed our aims to drive the machine getting it to create stitched areas that mimic our mark making and our hand stitching... very demanding, but so so fulfilling.

Then we had the second half with Arlee teaching her unique style  of mark making with hand stitches.  I so much enjoyed being able to sit back, relax and do some hand work with no hidden agenda.  I finished this mandallion (= medallion + Mandala), when I was on holiday it was very meditative.

The ring with the green stitch outline, is not attached on the inner circle except by some variegated and fine black back stitch.  this I like very much as it gives potential for exploration for even more 3D effect Some other areas are not stitched down and give pockets that I like to think are akin to Goldsworthy black holes…. I want to inset black stiff fabric into these to hold the areas open….and I want to work with this idea in another piece… this is just a dream as I have so many ideas and so little time (did I say that before??? ) Thanks for the introduction to your style of witchery-stitchery Arlee, I hope to make it my own soon….and these ideas might help...