Tuesday, September 24, 2019

It's Happening - SSNAP and the Parallel Show

Come and see the Parallel Show, featuring artists from The Gulf Islands, District 64.
I am so pleased to be showing alongside the talented artists that have been selected for this show.
It must have been very difficult to make the juried selection and keep within the gallery's space constraints.
I hope we get to see the other fabulous art submitted to SSNAP and the Parallel show in due course.

See you at the opening this Friday - or when I am sitting the show - which I love to do, to hear your comments.

Also note that the main SSNAP is now open and is a stunning collection of super high quality works by younger to older artists from across all Canadian cultures, including lots of fibre related pieces, beading, weaving, embroidery, wool work! and more....
All great reasons to make a trip to Saltspring Island.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Thanks for your support - Jane.

I am getting a lot of support from friends and family. I give thanks for that.
This time it was a generous gift of ends of spools from Jane Stafford.
Imagine my happiness to discover this Aladdin's Cave of threads available on my doorstep - a half an hour's drive north, on the island.
Jane wants to empty the spools / I want a selection of coloured threads for my next knotted piece of art.
A marriage made in heaven.  How clever of Jane to propose it.
Thanks again Jane.

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship has given me some ideas for colour combinations.
I don't want to get into trouble for illustrating this blog entry with their logos... do go here to learn about all their good works.

My works recently are about thoughts and connectivity, particularly across cultures
I certainly won't be using their (probably copyrighted) colour choices, but the concept of using colours for suggesting diversity is clearly sound.
Whilst searching about on the Institute's website I learnt about the LaFontaine-Baldwin Lectures ( since 2000) and am now listening to them (online).  What a gift too.

Showing work with Printmakers of the Saltspring Painters' Guild

 I showed two small pieces.  Just an extension of the work I often do on paper, as studies for the works created in mixed media and fibre.
Voyage #1 Paper, Multiple Monoprinting and resists
Karin Millson 2019

 Voyage #2 Paper, Multiple Monoprinting, collage and resists using upcycled Tectronic Ink
                                                      Karin Millson 2019

"I hope that you had a chance to see our recent show at the library. As always, the calibre of the pieces was excellent. I heard many positive remarks about the show. I was impressed at the many interested people at our pop up sale that asked many interesting questions about the techniques and processes of printmaking."  Johanna Hoskins

If you are interested, the group meets at Artspring, Saltspring Island and the next (fall) dates are - September 17th (next Tuesday); Tuesday, October 22nd and November 26th.  Email me (or comment) if you want more information.

Saltspring National Arts Prize - Parallel Show - Ledger of Thoughts, accepted.

Photo Credit Seth Berkowitz
Ledger of Thoughts (Detail) 2019
Artist Karin Millson

Happy to acknowledge the jurors of the Parallel Show Quentin Harris and Celia Duthie.
Ledger of Thoughts has been selected to show alongside some 50 Gulf Island Artists in the Parallel show.
I am thrilled and humbled.

More details on the show, opening, and talks etc to follow.
Also on the SSNAP show which is coming soon. Check here for details NOW.