Thursday, August 23, 2012

Felt creature and calls for participants...

Thanks to advice from my dear friend Lyn I created this mini-beast out of Merino wool (whilst my daughter produced a treasure with Nuno felting.  The monster has a ribbed body, large posterior.... anus!!!, and tentacles surrounding a wooly filtration system that is its mouth.

I am now well-equipped to teach the second semester of Art Days, at River Valley School... that is, if the first semester goes well... we are doing Volcano Freeze (actually a frieze) during the first session.

Visiting Artists:-
Heard from my preferred gallery with their costs, so now I can start to do the sums and see if we can realistically host a top notch artist this spring.  Now where did I put my abacus?

Call for works for Worked-Up:-
We have secured a venue at Arts Central, in downtown Calgary for  "Worked-Up" - where we will be showing studies and works developed via the workshops with Jason Pollen, please get in touch if you have decided that you want to participate, I need to know numbers and you need to know the details. It is going to be great with excellent exposure at that location and over a First Thursday evening event.

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