Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Planning stage for me ... but.... What I am planning is WOW!!

I thought I would share this with you:-
It is the part of ACAD's fibre blog that deals with visiting artists.  You might like to keep an eye on it.  For example... I didn't know that kathryn Walter visited in March.... Did you? ...
Was there an opportunity to see her work or hear her talk or even attend a workshop?
Maybe there was but how would you know?
One way not to miss out on opportunities is to stay in touch - and I can help you do that....
Send me a message and get your name on the Open Network for fibre and mixed-media artists.
I will be calling for registration very soon for workshops across Alberta with Jason Pollen, and I will share this information by email... so don't miss out....

For now here is one of his works for you to drink in and savour.  Better than any mulled wine with mince pie....

Here's to a great holiday and wonderful year ahead.

Monday, December 12, 2011

This is Very Much not my work.... but ring any bells???
It is by Junco Sato Pollack

Go here to see read about the artist.
Abstract composition in hand scroll w/ Plexi rod
25" x 50" x 8"
Sublimation, embroidery on polyester organza 

Remember discussing Origami and use of disperse dye at the ACAD Residency last summer?
Omg, and note the design, squares in those powerful colours, suspended from a perspex rod using? fishing line.... hmmmmm....
I truly get what you are on about dear friends who have been discussing the complexities of working where one is constantly seeing others' work.  Where is the line between yours and mine?

Kreative Momentum Runs its 13th Workshop - not unlucky for anyone we hope.
The latest Kreative Momentum Research and Development Day was held last Friday where we investigated the use of Fosshape for 3D work under the guidance of Angela Dale.
For a taste of what we got up to go to Arlee's blog
And here is one stolen image:- ( You OK with this Arlee?)

This R&D Day  was just Soooooo oversubscribed and will run again... as a 2-day event. 
The following was e-mailed to me by a participant after the event:-
"Thanks so much for the day. It was very enjoyable, a good start on 'R&D' (perfect descriptor as there is no pressure just exploration), and a nice introduction to each other. You and Angela made us all feel comfortable and went to great lengths, esp. all the samples! Please do know that I am very grateful for the opportunity for get togethers like this in a community of like minded learners."
Name withheld for privacy reasons.

If you feel you want this sort of thing for your professional development, then be sure to get in touch and get your name on the list for future workshops and R&D days.

More pats on our backs:-
See below the wonderful press we are getting for the current Contextural show at the Epcor Centre

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adornments - for sale

People seem to like these as brooches and (these) hair adornments; they are selling.
A take on Flexing Felt.
Should I market them big time?  Which way to turn I ask...
No time to rabbit on today...