Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More library samples

The following are:-
1 - Skin of 2 layers of non-porous ground + 1 layer of gel medium. Printed using the 'print to torn edge method of Krause et al.
2 - non-porous ground on polypropylene sheeting (medium weight). The bands are a product of the printer head being clogged with ink in some way and the problem was alleviated by carrying out a print head clean from the printer utilities menu.
3 - As above with gel medium to give texture to the surface.
4- print of image on frosted plastic of some sort, from a high quality carrier bag, on non-porous ground. The printed layer can be peeled off very easily and so needs to be fixed to stabilise it with a top coat. It has a very frosted ghostly sheen and transparency.