Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yupo Paper - Thanks to Nikki

My dear friend Nikki gifted me a sheet of Yupo paper. I hadn't used this material before.
I think it encourages me to do abstract art on paper and could be a great way to work a piece quickly before breakfast a la Pollen.
Below are some trial areas using water soluble crayons and wax.
Other images are of pieces that used soluble graphite, crayons, wax and aquarelle pencils.  Not sure I like the pale effects and the way some of crayons are softer than others, but I guess you would get used to them if used frequently.
Interesting though, especially when texture is added using wax crayons of various colours.
I also like the way it is possible to pull the colours into each other or scratch away parts using pencil crayons, aquarelle or simply water.
Like others who speak online, I didn't like Copic markers on this surface.
The surface needs a fixative to make it stable.
Composition #151T
 Too much energy-Snow's Thaw

Monday, May 13, 2013

Congratulations to Jan, Meredith and Donna - works are up at Atlantis. Mine is shown below:-

Jazz Poetry Art in Fibre #8

There are several things stacked up for me to deal with this month:-
  • Course review... a kind of debriefing so that I improve the service I offer to both visiting artist and participants.
  • I have been contacted by M. who wishes me to work with him on a very exciting project,  obviously I am not telling you what it is all about just yet.
  • Then there are necessary preparations for the upcoming (in less than 3 weeks) Contextural summer residency at ACAD which I am joining for the month of June.
  • And appointments with L.H. to talk about a possible exhibition for SDA.
  • Continued collaboration with Wendy on animating creatures.
  • And I have a deadline for a project proposal to be done and dusted by next Wednesday... >ouch<
Ouch is my favourite word right now.

Oh and I forgot, I am trying to get a piece finished for the pop up show at Atlantis.  The pressure is on.
I finished (though not framed) it today.
I made a couple of vows today -  refusing to fight my sewing machine any longer I aim to use the best thread and suitable needles for the job, instead of trying to work with souk-bought Omani/Indian shiny and disobedient thread.  Also I will clean out around the needle frequently... or Throw me in the Elbow. Now doesn't that sound funny.

I have been playing around with a few themes here.
Jazz Poetry, abstraction from letters, the written word as art - cf Arabic Calligraphy; with rhythm, line, shape dominating over hidden meaning.  Taking lettering at face value, to the place where we keep the Rossetta Stone in our memories -  I can't read that, can you?

The opening for this show is this Friday 17th at about 6 - 9pm at Atlantis.  Pop by if you can.