Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You can't beat a classic knitted blanket as a community charity project

Today the Wednesday Stitching group that I belong to had our end of year lunch - delicious and rather dessert heavy rather than a balanced diet.. ha ha I liked that… and goodbyes to 3 of our group including me boo hoo I didn’t like that.

I wanted to post a picture of the blanket finished (almost) and let you know that we are going to deliver it to the Women’s Shelter in Calgary very soon, I just have a few ends to tie in before I make the arrangements.

We  think the blanket is gorgeous and so interesting with crochet, knitting, different wools and fancy yarns it is a fun piece.
Thanks for joining in with the project everyone, especially those of you who posted from abroad, it meant a lot to me that we all got involved especially S. who was a little challenged for this task right now but still stitched and G. who was with us in spirit.

Thanks to dear friends for the two photos above and below.
(let me know if you aren't happy with the way you look here)


I am just wondering what the sound output from my Bernina 1008 is, and if I ought to be wearing ear defenders... There is probably an app. for that, I will take a look.

What I am doing right now is a bit of machine embroidery white work on muslin, followed by free motion between two layers of water soluble.  Here is the result up on the window... looks like some bacterial growth on a deformed snowflake.  Don't look too closely as this looks best at this magnification, I am sure... any larger and you will be distracted by the water soluble glue...

This went on to become a 3D skeletal remnants of some organism lost to science and doesn't look like this at all now... intrigued?  That's the idea.