Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am in love with copic markers.
Check out this video to see how beautifully they blend. I am sure there are others that give these effects but these are the ones for me.

These are the markers I used to colour metal below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cardorama @ WIC

I haven't posted about this before but:-

West Island College is a really lovely school whose philosophy fits so well with ours.
I go in to help out with Cardorama nights, which, I think of as a social club for the teenagers.  But the excuse is card-making.  The kids come in after school (3:15) and it is very very informal they stay till 8:30pm - clearly they enjoy it (and they get credits towards the awards system, house points and so on).

Bad-for-you snacks, pizza and a limited number of fizzy drinks are on hand at various times through the evening. The teacher arranges for a film to be projected on one wall about half way through the evening.
School pays for the materials and food.
The kids go home happy, socialized and having done a good job of making, perhaps, 200 cards in the evening and these sell for charity.

The designs for the cards are created by a few dedicated women who supply the students with kit bags with everything in there that they need to recreate a model card. Ready cut card stock, paper and bead accents, ribbons and cut out shapes...

The reasons for doing it this  in a controlled way are pragmatic... to ensure quality control and that the cards will sell.  Which they do.

However, I do have a slight problem with this as I believe the creativity ought to come, predominantly, from the students.  I create an idea for a card that allow for student creativity within a controlled framework.  I take in a few models and stencils for design areas that need to be filled,  and a ready made computer file for the cutting out of window mounts and that sort of thing.  I like to, at the very least, allow students to take ownership of colour choice/combinations.

Next week is Cardorama night and above are examples of the card I have modelled for the students to make.

This card involves using the Cricut machine to cut the card and window mount, embossing strips of recycled metal with designs, adding blended colours over the uneven surface using marker pens, tweaking with metallic markers, fitting metal strip behind window mount and affixing an inner lining paper to provide for writing area and to hide the metal which has sharp edges.
The version with the knotted threads also involves using the sewing machine to create holes but I think I might not go there this time around. KISS.

I think the students will particularly like messing about with the coloured markers on metal.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Business Card for a Valentine

This one's for you sweetie... "Subdued - my heart"
(My apologies once more - Photo-quality is off, daughter has camera on X-country ski trip for school! But a poor post is better than not post.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whip Stitch Workshop

This week I begin giving a 3-day workshop on Whip Stitch
Here is a little taste.
And I give a nod to Fibrefusion (see  here)  with the use of muslin (= Canadian "cheesecloth")
Sorry the image and colours are so ugh! It is simply because the light is disappearing... I will re-photograph it if I have time.

More dates for workshops with Jason Pollen

The workshops with Jason Pollen have proved extremely popular, with 2 of the classes now full though I am taking names for waiting lists.
However, such a buzz has been generated that we can now offer a second class in Calgary in the wonderful location of Artpoint, in southern Inglewood, which offers plenty of space, light, and easy parking. 
Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday 12th and 13th June, 2012.  Details below.

I would still like to arrange for a retreat at Blooming Inn, so if you are interested in this please email me.  I have put the details for this below as well.

June 2012 (various dates), all levels of experience welcome
Artist: Jason Pollen
Photo credit - Lesley Turner

Jason Pollen : Freefall  2011 44" x 72"
Wool, canvas, silk, linen, felted, dyed, stitched

This is an exciting opportunity: workshops with the very talented artist and excellent teacher, Jason Pollen.

Jason is Emeritus President of the Surface Design Association and is extremely highly regarded having numerous years of successful teaching experience behind him.  His stunningly beautiful work is held and exhibited around the globe and he has designed textiles for world-class fashion houses. Chanel, Dior, Donna Karan and Missoni.  He regularly collaborates as scenic designer for the Kansas City Ballet.. He was named Fellow by the American Crafts Council in 2006.
Artist: Jason Pollen
Photo credit - Lesley Turner

It will be a great pleasure to host him and I hope that as many fibre and mixed media artists in the area will attend this event and learn from him.

 Jason Pollen: Barri, 2011 48' x 48"
Linen, silk, canvas, thread, dye, pigment

Jason says:
"The Art of Textile Collage
This class will be provide a lively and innovative approach to textile collage and
mark-making using fusing and hand and machine stitching, in addition to
drawing and painting tools.

You will repurpose and create patterned and painted small fabric and paper
compositions. Harmony and dissonance, rhythm and mood, color and texture will
be the vocabulary you explore to expand your personal visual language with
expressive, communicative content."

Jason Pollen: Leap of Faith 2011
Felted wool, silk, linen, dyed, stitched

Alberta is a big place! The same course will be offered a 3 different locations, choose the one that is closest to you, or best-suits your requirements.


2-Day Workshop A2):  Tuesday/Wednesday June 12 - June 13 , 2012
Cost:        $285
Deposit:   $140 required by 21 February, 2012
Balance:  $145  required by 30 April, 2012
The full 2-day workshop will be held in the spacious and airy Main Gallery.  You may leave all your supplies in place overnight.  Pease bring a packed lunch.  A sharing atmosphere with like-minded souls will be encouraged, if not, required!
Early registration is encouraged as maximum class size is small (15).  Registration cut off is February 21, 2012.

I would still like to arrange for a retreat at Blooming Inn, so if you are interested in this please email me.


2-Day Workshop
Cost: $460 
(+GST on accommodation cost. For a breakdown see below)
Deposit:  $230 required by 21 February, 2012
Balance: $230 required by 30 April 2012

This 2-day retreat will allow us to work intensely in a setting where our domestic needs are catered for and we can concentrate wholly on our art, and learning.  A creative, sharing atmosphere with like-minded souls will be encouraged, if not, required!

Accommodation in the relaxed atmosphere of Bloomin' Inn, Pincher Creek is  full board for
two nights, with shared or single rooms. A supplement will be charged for single room occupancy. Shared rooms above the workshop are idea and encourage the development of a fantastic working environment.  Single rooms are available in the main building should you prefer.**

The studio at Bloomin' Inn is very well equipped and fully insured and your hosts are experienced in holding such events as quilting, scrapbooking and other retreats throughout the year.

The cost for this event covers  the course and full-board accommodation (*supplement will be charged for single room occupancy).  Gst will be charged on the accommodation costs.
You are encouraged to register with a friend and pre-arrange your sleeping arrangements via the booking form.  Early registration is encouraged as maximum class size is small (15).  Registration cut off is February 21st, 2012.

*Breakdown of costs:
Accommodation Charges $200+GST (includes 2 nights accommodation and all meals)
Workshop Fee                    $260 
**An additional supplement will be added for single occupancy dependant on room type.

If you are interested in one of these events please print off (1 Page) and fill in the registration document.  Click here to open the registration document, where you will find details of how to pay.

Your place on the workshop of your choice will be secured on receipt of a non-refundable  deposit.

Early registration is recommended, as space is limited to 15 per class.
In the event that your chosen class does not run (due to minimum participant number [10] not being attained), you will be contacted to see if you wish to transfer to your second choice of venue.  If not, your deposit will be returned to you in full.

In the event that you are unable to attend the workshop your deposit will only be returned to you, if your place on that course can be filled.

Booking opportunities are equitable and will be filled on a first come first served basis on receipt of deposit and registration form.

Please get in touch with any questions via email

Thanks so much for your time,

Karin Millson of Kreative Momentum
SDA Alberta Rep.

Note: This is not an SDA-funded event and is open to all members of the public for equal price.