Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Latest - A bag for November or is it for Xmas

Quiet but not idle.  
Wendy and I have dedicated too many hours (or was it???, time will tell) to a grant proposal.  Writing a PhD thesis has nothing on that!

Here is my latest bag.. still not quite finished...  needs the nuclei adding to the cells. Don't worry your head about it, all will become clear later.
No time to edit the photo so it looks a bit strange with the diagonal woodgrain.  Hope it isn't too off-putting.  Try clicking the image to enlarge.

Original Bag by KJ from a series called Evolution.
 It has two pocket dividers, one is zippered.

I now feel like I am getting somewhere with this bag-making idea.
To express your interest in this (dare I say?) designer item please comment below.


Lorette said...

I LOVE your bag! Wonderful fabric too! Bag making is another of my passions but I have little time for it now... perhaps on snow days this winter!

arlee said...

!!my own bag usually has questionable bits inside, so why not show them on the skin? ;)

Karin Millson said...

Nothing viral here... all benign, Arlee

Karin Millson said...

Bag making is a new venture for me. If you feel you can share any sophisticated bag pattern ideas please do. I am afraid I am not a quilter but hope I can give back to you in some way.