Friday, October 31, 2014

Yes it has been a TOUCH challenging (bag news, see below)

 Mua Mua dolls: Giving crocheters  of amigurumi everywhere a boost to their self esteem.. these guys can sell for upwards of $100.... Check out amigurumi on the web to see a surge in interest.
and if I could speak Italian I could give you more background to the history of Mua Mua...  suffice it to use the words celebrity, status, fashion, humorous design,$$$  and success in the same sentence....
Coordinating shop front cladding of a store near to the shop window illustrated above... do we see a trend... be on your guard, our choices in colour combinations that we think  are our own ideas... can often be subliminally controlled by 'The Industry.'

As for the latest bag... it (>60 pieces) is all in one piece and I am just pacing myself with hand-stiching the bar tacks to hold the side pleats and interior panels in place.  Sewing through so many layers is not kind to one's finger ends.  But it will be done. 

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