Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bags of delight

The fabrics for this bag came together by picking fabrics that would work challengingly alongside each other. The small evening bag is both crazy and simple at the same time.  It is very individual, but only individual enough to excite those who want to be different but not too different.
Email me if you are interested in purchasing or ordering.
And the name of this bag ought to be Challenge, but also Bags of Delight as that is how I felt when I discovered that I had mastered the creation of a central pocket with zip.
No fussy, flamboyant button, just a clean line magnetic snap.

The simplicity of the neat wristband in no way foreshadows what lies inside:
Zipperedly-safe back-pocket,  two voluminous open pockets, one central flat pocket and numerous slot concertina pockets for cheque cards or paper money.
What an amazing bag... I was thrilled that this bag came together so well, not a millimetre of fabric to get tucked in or hidden.
This is  a gem that I am sure I will work with in the future to make it even more my own - not a bad result for my mid-term bag.
And now I am off for my swim.

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