Friday, September 16, 2011

Unfinished Tales.

Thanks to the group for making the workshop a great environment for stepping into the unknown.
Credit is not given to any of the artists (forgive me)  - You know who you are!
My apologies for not showing something from everyone, not all my shots were worthy representations of your pieces.  Hopefully I will be given another opportunity to photograph them when they are exhibited.
 Experiment with the background

 Wrap, paint, collage

 The three dimensional line.  A skeleton for its flesh.

 Works below demonstrates where arrangement results in excellent design.
 (Two images from the students' workshop)

 And back to ours -
  Elements can be fixed....Or loosely jointed to allow for articulation

 The maker wishes to add sound to the piece below

Where a background helps tell the story and transitions (excuse use of poor English) into the piece

 A skin, snare and lovely piece
 Thanks again everyone

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