Friday, September 16, 2011

Short and Sweet - the visit of Michael Brennand-Wood

You know how it is when you know you ought to do something but actually you want to do something else.  I know I ought to wax lyrical about the past week.  But I think I will limit myself to a few short comments.

I want, at this point to thank Maiwa who collaborated with Kreative Momentum and ACAD in bringing Michael Brennand-wood over from England for the events this September.  Thanks to everyone who helped set this up and make it run so smoothly.

It has been quite a vacation from hands-on work for me.  It was v. helpful having someone (who doesn't know you) listen and watch and then comment.  I have had a mega - tutorial from an expert.  Aren't I the lucky one?  Thank you so much Michael. (How many more citations can I give you from this blog?)

Apart from the jaw-dropping lecture - 90 minutes of intense barrage of imagery, explanation and ideas, (See the Maiwa write up for more on something very similar that happened just two days previously in Vancouver!) and the intense experience of a day long workshop 'Random Precision' there were many hours of chat that have produced quite a bundle of fresh ideas, directions and rethinks of old ones for me. I know it is just what I needed to help prolong the buzz after the event.  Unfortunately, in many ways, I now move into a weekend and can't keep going on this....  but I am not taking anything with me to Kananaskis except my sketchbook and pencils! So, hopefully I wont stall.

I have many action points - I wont bore you with them, they are de-briefed into my notebook and I have started to work with them already.

This blog is, however, an ideal location in which to talk - so I will mention the establishment of an Open Community of Fibre and Mixed-Media Artists in the vicinity of Calgary.

If you would like to be part of this network please contact me.... to have your email address added to the list.  We will then send out notifications of upcoming workshops in and around Calgary Alberta, lectures and events so that more artists can share in these activities.  It does seem a shame to bring a visiting artist over from one country or province to have them work with only a dozen people when they are willing to carry out several workshops/ lectures tutorials etc. for many more artist who are thirsty to drink in their expertise and feel high and dry if they don't hear of the event in time to fill one of 10 precious slots.  If you live in this area and have read this far then - this is for YOU.
If you would like to participate, study, teach or exhibit please let me know.

Now, here are some images (with no write up - sorry) of Contextural's end of residency show "Collaboration" at ACAD Sept. 2011.

For more images click here
If any of the participating artists see this and want to add documentation to their works please forward the text to me.  I will be happy to add web/blog info and details of construction/meaning etc.  I am delegating you see.

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