Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Norwegian art in a Triangle

Friend and I went to Triangle Gallery to see Construction - an exhibition of Norwegian works of art (all textiles by the way) and here are some of the works...  Details of their titles, makers and construction can be found at the link above, as well as more photos.

 Inger Blix Kvammen -  A necklace of crochet silver wire
Inger Johanne Rasmussen – Magnetic House hand stitched patchwork
Lillian Dahle – Star Grille - Note the use of eggshell as lining to this wonderful bowl made of stained cherry wood (if I remember correctly) and egg-shell

  Anne-Gry Loland - beautiful "Rose 2"  a hanging of deconstructed fabrics created by use of devore
 Side view to show layering and wonderful shadows.
 Black Meadow by Astrid Lovaas and Kirsten Wagle
Lars Sture "Untitled No 1, No 2 and No 3".  1999 - 2000.  Embroidered and painted wood. 
 Reminiscent of Hardanger and Omani silver embroidery on leather.

  Inger Blix Kvammen

 Anne Lene Lovhaug 

  Marit Helen Akslen - "White Dress" (is made entirely of shirt collars buttoned together)

Havard Larsen "Garri" birch burl with reindeer antler
Kristin Saeterdal "Seen Through Tears No 10 , No 11. Stunning weavings of spelsau sheep wool on linen.

All images taken with permission (Catalogue available from Triangle Gallery).

Friend with Marianne Moe's "Anorak Bag and Salmon Bag.
This was a great exhibition,  thanks to Triangle Gallery for continuing to support fibre arts when so few galleries in Alberta and elsewhere are prepared to do so.  This is certainly one exhibition I would recommend.

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How gorgeous!! : )
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