Thursday, June 2, 2011

Second and Third Day ACAD

Replacement table - low level....
It may seem like a small thing - but it will make a huge difference to me... Like Goldilocks said "Just right" and I will be able to both see over the sewing machine whilst keeping my feet firmly on the ground.  You can see how much lower I need my table by comparing with a 'normal person's table' on the right! Oh comfort, oh happiness.

Today the wonderful Tara spent time showing me how to apply emulsion to a screen  - Anne showed my last year, but it is approx 365 days ago! and I am no elephant.

Then Day 3, and this is what I produced from some paint/blow/transfer work.

Then I was left thinking... what next.  So I brought them home.  I am approaching the end of week number 1 and perhaps I ought to bring in the digital ground work, which is what I had hoped to get into during these 4 weeks... I will prepare some designs and apply them to these surfaces over the weekend.  My time at the college is a time to try new things and not be too precious with what I create at the first sitting... Having decided this I am now very happy that the surfaces are pale in colour and excited to see what I can find in our photo albums to marry with these designs.

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