Monday, June 6, 2011

Now Day 5 ACAD

 Day 5 for me as I work somewhere else for one day a week -
And these pieces are what I can show today.  I am quite taken with the top set.. though not sure if I want to make it two triptychs...  I have an idea for the stitching too which is a bit off beat.
The image below is not blurred, stick with it....
 Talking of off-beat... this is a layered piece with the organza creating a blurry - "I've had too much to drink" - look.  Consequently I am not sure I like this piece... it is too disturbing to the eye.  Rather like when I move the dyed paper whilst transferring the image.  However if I try this with a figurative image I might find I like what it says... Right now they look like skeletal hands trying to grab and it is even more disturbing.
This piece shows how I can manipulate the technique to allow me to create shibori markings on cloth without all that stitching and wrapping nonsense... Don't take me too seriously, I love shibori but am excited by the idea that I can have more control over the colour placement with this technique...  There is more to this than meets the eye...

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arlee said...

oh, YES! shibori placement!!!!