Monday, May 30, 2011

ACAD Residency Day 1

Yesterday was check in for the residency - we unloaded all our supplies and did the safety tour with Tara.  Met old friends (great to be with you Arlee) and new folks.  And ate tasty waffles, fresh fruit and whippy cream stuff from a can (Oh yes, I did).  
Today was a settling in day for me - Prepared dyes using the dye box - working in gloves too big for my littly hands and a box too big for my littly reach - after about an hour I had prepared what I do at home in 15 minutes, but here I did it safely without ingesting any powder at all!  Powder that the supplier says is only harmful in large quantities.

Then worked on a few small designs to get my hand in again... based them on scanning electron microscope images of bacteria and the like.  Colours based on what scientist use as filters to pretty up the SEM images that are actually in plain old black and white. The images being taken via  microscope lens of a sample coated in gold!  Any colour the specimen had is therefore hidden by the gold.
The later-applied colour filters can be imitated quite well with disperse dyes whose colours are rather out of this world anyway.
One transfer created before I left today... just to give a taster
Wonderful... a text book example of a counterchange design on the side of a truck outside the Art and Design College!
No college for me tomorrow as I am teaching (English this time not stitching).  

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