Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, terrific excitement

Vertical Coral Growth

I wish I had a month of uninterrupted time.. but I also want to spend time with a life outside of stitching so I WILL go to Fernie to ski for 4 days!!! However....

Great excitement as I play with some more mushrooms... still the same colours and still the same size and shapes...
Firstly a growth of coral stretching vertically for the light... then a fallen coral colony - I need an army of people to make the individual corals so that I can create a whole coral reef!

And the biggest excitement were the coral calyx... now I know I must add colour and stitch and jewels of beading to create the creatures asleep in their calyxs... (plural of calyx anyone??).. for it is only at night that the coral animal bursts out of its exoskeleton to munch.

At last I can break out the shocking pinks of Kemtex!!! (Got to hurry now - meeting at school to discus the Graduation Ceremony for my daughter but next entry will have link to Kemtex beloved dye suppliers).
Now there is much for me to look forward to on my return from the snows of the West.


arlee said...

GAWDS this is and will be even more--GORGEOUS!!!!
Have fun "outside of stitching" :}

Jackie said...

These are fabulous. Lovely subtle colours.
Kemtex HQ is about 10 minutes away from me but I still have to use mail order becasue they aren't allowed to have callers any more.

Guzzisue said...

the coral calyx are fantastic!!