Thursday, March 19, 2009

Side Track 46789-309827

What is wrong with me - why can't I commit!

Above is an image of a (nother) work in progress... actually it just took over so I think there is power in these voodoo dolls.
This one is possessing me today - so I think I might not be stitching chromosomes at ballet but I will brave the sad glances from the other mums and stitch this totem instead.

It is made with the same technique as the chromosomes... The Indian Button method... right now it looks like a bunch of threads...and that is because that is what it is! But already it is holding together and can be squeezed and hugged, holding it and looking at the colours already creates an emotional response. I feel it will tell me its name.


arlee said...

There's nothing wrong with working on several pieces at once. I have WIPs that are taking years---as you go back, you can see the possibilities with new things you've learned, and that in turn foments more ideas for the future------you wouldn't eat the same thing everyday, why work on the same piece every day?
This is a very intuitive way of creating, love it, letting the threads do as they will with only a bit of (your) direction.

Karin Millson said...

This turned out to be a snowman shape which I hated...once my daughter had pointed it out.. so it got modified and is now a fluffy blob that (I notice) Al has removed to her bedroom... so it has found a loving home.