Friday, March 27, 2009

Spirit creature

My son's birthday ??card?? . Hallmark eat your heart out - - maybe a spirit creature will keep a bit of me with him when he moves on to pastures new, which could be soon, who knows.
The mass of lime green on its head is knitted metal thread which forms the brim of a hat, the crown of which you can't see...
Thanks to Milliande who gave me the idea of making this small totem in less than a day... Thanks M. for the great video on the topic.
First time with Sculpy - aren't I getting into Michael's in a big way... $100 worth and we only went in for Sculpy!!


arlee said...

very kewl! like the green and blue varied textures.

that's like me going inot the dollar store---i never soend a dollar, so why don't they cal it the dollarS store?

Karin Millson said...

I think they have renamed dollar stores now haven't they since they can't only cost things at a dollar.. isn't it..."somewhere-near-a-dollar-store" now.

Unknown said...

wonderful - same basic principle as many of my dolls!

Guzzisue said...

dollar stores- we have pound shops and I noticed in Hamburg Germany they have euro shops- interestingly it seems to be the same stock in both countries.
Biker ted says hello and the scarf has been released on the payment of the ransom.