Tuesday, September 24, 2019

It's Happening - SSNAP and the Parallel Show

Come and see the Parallel Show, featuring artists from The Gulf Islands, District 64.
I am so pleased to be showing alongside the talented artists that have been selected for this show.
It must have been very difficult to make the juried selection and keep within the gallery's space constraints.
I hope we get to see the other fabulous art submitted to SSNAP and the Parallel show in due course.

See you at the opening this Friday - or when I am sitting the show - which I love to do, to hear your comments.

Also note that the main SSNAP is now open and is a stunning collection of super high quality works by younger to older artists from across all Canadian cultures, including lots of fibre related pieces, beading, weaving, embroidery, wool work! and more....
All great reasons to make a trip to Saltspring Island.

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