Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Working towards a show with Ilse Leader

"Slow-Stitch - Snail Shibori”

Materials: Fabrics, dye, wire.
Techniques incorporate: Shibori and a deep affection for the colour blue.

After encouragement and an invitation from Ilse Leader, I am joining her and showing works in the latter part of July, on Saltspring Island.
Blog link to follow shortly.
This little guy, is based on an amalgamation of memories from diving in the Gulf of Oman, researching the most fabulous of creatures (Nudibranchs) after Foraminifera who as single-celled sure take the biscuit, and walks along the SW shores of England... the Jurassic coast!
It was 'put together' after spending a morning of art-talk with Ilse and finding a light bulb had gone on.

More on this soon.

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