Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Teaching at Gulf Island Secondary School

The Gulf Island Secondary School (GISS) has a fabulous reputation... check out District 64's school on Saltspring Island.
I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to teach 3 days this week, during the Flex Period when students get to actually choose what to do.....
After meeting many None-Schooled and Home-Schooled kids recently I have learnt that many people prefer to have their children choose what to study as opposed to study via a hard and fast curriculum. I liked what I heard.
GISS appears to be walking the middle road in this.

My workshop followed on from the lecture "Paper to Puppetry, Shibori just Doesn't Cover It".
I gave a presentation and showed a video on Day 1 and the students had time to create paper arashi shibori sculptures.
Day 2 they formed shibori surfaces in synthetic fabrics and these were steamed.
Day 3 the students took the surfaces and either embellished them with stitch and beading or formed them into three dimensional beings.

It was a pleasure to share my knowledge with these enthusiastic Grade 9-12 students.
Here are some more photos.

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