Tuesday, February 6, 2018


This post carries a Parental Guidance Warning.
My latest artwork will go to the gallery tomorrow for display from Friday.
Be at the opening if you can, see previous post for details.

Karin Millson  2018
wood, silk, threads, leather

After “Treasures Hidden in our Pockets: An Easy-to-Understand Sex Guide for Obedient Wives” by Keisai Eisen, mid 1830s  - early 1840s.

Original drawings in public domain in country of origin and where copyright is author’s life plus 100 years or less. {{PD – Japan}} {{PD – Canada}} {{PD -1923}

Ribbon-Rope-Chain is a scroll that the viewer turns to reveal the imagery of the artwork.
It is a 2” thick piece of live-edged wood - beautifully finished/polished etc.
On which are supported two scroll holders.  There is another block of lovely wood over which the parchment is supported.
Wrapped onto the scroll holders is a ‘parchment’ = silk fabric on which I have embroidered the (short) title of the work and accreditation and 5 images from 'guidelines for the obedient wife'.
They are taken from 18th Century Japanese woodcuts by Keisai Eisen, entitled Treasures Hidden in our Pockets: An Easy-to-Understand Sex Guide for Obedient Wives. (The latter information will appear on the label, on the plinth in the gallery).

I have varied thread-thickness to give the character of the line some of my own, subtle, commentary. Also the expressions on the man and woman's faces and their fingers and toes are my own, sometimes comical, stitchery.
I am hoping that Ribbon-Rope-Chain will stimulate some discussion when thinking of The Edo Period's "Floating World" philosophies and  also the current Me Too Movement.

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