Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Erotica and Grant

Here is the information I promised :-
Please don't ask me what the photo relates to, but it is what they decided to illustrate the announcement with... maybe the play development with N Meisner... or the Scrooge project.  Well done and good luck to all the other recipients.

My project will allow me to get to Calgary to work with Wendy and reconnect with the hardware of the show EMP, work with her on various items on the To Do list and (even more excitingly) work with a sound engineer on the soundtrack - hence the Create, Compile part - and I will then be able to Ship some of the set pieces to Saltspring Island and Share them with the community via 2 workshops, one in a school, one a 3-day workshop on sewing machine abuse, and two one hour talks about sculpture in textiles and creating part of EMP.  A lot of work lined up for this year!

And another announcement:-
So !excited! to be asked to participate in the SSG's artist collective exhibition.
(I would love to join the group, but haven't the income to support the membership fee!)
Thanks to Cinda Helm  for inviting me - it is quite out of my comfort zone. I’ll post a photo of my piece when it is complete. It is rather more erotic, I think, than this tame miniature yet,  truly charming, oil painting.
Wish you could be at the opening!

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arlee said...

Hey you! Congrats on the grant! And on the SS show--you busy or something? :)