Thursday, March 10, 2016

Last weekend - more coffee and art

It is a good thing that John likes coffee and he now isn't sure if I suggested Inversion cafe because of the location or the Art League Gallery adjoining it.
Table top mosaic

There we found the coffee shop renovated since October's visit.  It is lovely now and the coffee is good.
We sat outside where there was a lovely piece of fibre art:-
I thought Pily might like this No Hay Pedo - another Mafi Mushkila type phrase meaning - "there's no problem"...
A Forged Utopia
Giovanni Valderas
Detail below

And then we went to the main gallery where I learnt the little known fact that 400-1000 women disguised themselves as men and fought for both sides of the American Civil War.  Some were discovered and sent home and others stayed on the battlefield and worked as nurses.  Others fought as men with distinction and only came out as women when safely living again at home.  Many more were killed on the battlefield.
And She Was
Margaret Meehan

I enjoyed my time working on a still life series

karin millson March 2016

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