Thursday, March 10, 2016

Exhibition Entry and more

When I came to Texas I didn't know what my working days would be like.
Turns out activity has been cyclical with periods of mixed media
Just exercise! 
Karin Millson

and other  periods (= hours and hours)  of very computer focussed slogging.
There have been times of gallery visiting though.
Last weekend we spent a lovely Saturday in and around the downtown area of Galveston. It was a delight, and very inspiring.

I wasn't expecting to see up-liftingly colourful works of Rene Wiley  in her gallery and the stunning fibre art  that she calls Textile Mosaics, by Brenda J Bunten-Schloesser who includes weavings and collage in her art.
Reaching (Old Red) 40 x 20 "
 by Brenda J Bunten-Schlosser
Photo Credit to renewiley Gallery 2128 Postoffice, Galveston
Who represent this artist.

Later we gallery hopped and got all inspired to take photographs after a long chat with  Peter A Bowman (Photographer).  I am still enjoying learning about my new camera E-M5II with its sweet little lens that can fit in my handbag, but it does have inter-changeables (though I just have the one)... aren't I proud.

I can't help it -  I love texture and look at those colours.
Wall Sauce
Karin Millson 2016
I am ready to post a package off to Wendy again... it will be pricey with what it has to contain, let's just say beads, cape, music box.  Life is certainly diverse and full of challenge right now.

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