Wednesday, December 16, 2015


There is a lot one cannot talk about....
However I am enjoying a break here in Vancouver.
First a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery on my way to Saltspring Island
Heard some gospel music by Marcus Mosely Chorale, in a “Gospel Christmas” 

Saw Between Object and Action
Not sure if I am allowed to post these images... I am sure someone will let me know if not (though photography is allowed ( I asked).
These by Evelyn Roth... very powerful

Of course when outdoors I had eyes everywhere to practise my photography... now with my aged baby Nikon Coolpix P6000 set to record raw = huge files (here they have been sucked down to a more manageable blog file size....
This for a quilt I will never make:-
Doodles in the sky:-
Onwards to SSI thence back to Van a few days later....
Lovely friends at SDA Vancouver welcomed me in last night and today I went 'a gallery hoppin' with Jennifer and Michelle and a good time was had by all....
Seems like paper cutting is quite the thing these days.... (see Rogan Brown)
Chiu Yu Wen with Water Fairies Reproduction Project
What caught my eye with Li Jiun-Yang's work were the shadows cast incorporating the red lines of the suspended threads.
The actual work was Miao
I was intrigued by these heads...
We decided that this work is Saori Weaving, with metal warp and partly metal weft.  It had been displayed previously outdoors in a wood.  Here it was juxtaposed against the rectilinear ceiling construction, which I rather liked.
But I am so pleased to see that my camera did cope ever so well with the rather dark area... used for this piece... as I think they were aiming at the piece casting shadows ... but that hadn't really worked.
What I loved was the transparency of areas where there was no cotton, silk and ramie, just the wire...
This one is for you Terri.  Do you know this artist?
Yuma Taru  - Convolution of Life
Next was The Things in My Head - works by Gathie Falk, showing 50 years of her art-making at Equinox Gallery.
Some of the pieces were quite challenging to understand, and I think we were all conscious of the time ticking away, so a second visit might be required.  This piece, a canoe overflowing with ribbons (I didn't record the name, sadly), cast a lovely shadow in this beautifully lit gallery.  And you know I am all about shadows these days:-

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